About me

As a ‘young’ tahirnajmi living in London, I’m passionate about Photography, food, travel, exploring this amazing city and having new adventures! So after finishing a journalism degree, I started this blog about some of the things I love most in life.

It’s a mixture of my travel stories, little reviews of places I’ve loved and it captures some of the happiest times I’ve had — often abroad!

This is a collection of my thoughts as inspired by an awesome London cabbie I met one cold winters night – he told me that he carries a little book with him and writes down ‘one good thing that happened today’ – he does this each and every day. And when he’s feeling down he looks back over it to remind himself that life is good.

I loved this idea.

So this is my version of capturing good things as they happen. I won’t write every day, but I’ll write when I can, and when I’m feeling inspired.