The term “tourist” is almost a condescending term nowadays, with a fondness towards being called backpackers or travelers! This is the same reason why free adventures are now preferred over guided tours, wherein lies the huge promise for the tourism and travel industry across the globe.

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Rise of the Indian Adventurer: A Comparatively New Sector with Huge Potential

Indian millennials have created a completely new trend in the country’s tourism industry by taking more outbound tours in the last few years than was expected. In fact, according to a report published in The Economic Times, two million+ travelers from this subcontinental nation will be taking international trips every year, by 2020.

On taking a deeper look into the trends, it can be observed that in addition to the increase in the total number of outbound tourists from India, a general trend towards adventure traveling is also on the rise.

Apparently, the younger Indian generation is more interested in mountaineering, trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving, skydiving and other forms of adventure rather than classic guided tours.

The most prominent and promising outbound travel agents in India will be attending the ITB India Trade Fair 2020 to discuss the promising situation and make new business connections. Multiple international establishments in the travel sector will also be present during the trade fair to tap into an outbound tourism market that’s growing at a rate only second to China.

Hiking is the Most Popular Form of Adventure in the World

Studies show that while people do love snorkeling, scuba diving, skydiving, and other extreme adventures, hiking and trekking remain the most popular activity for most.

The reasons why most travelers prefer to hike and trek can be summarized as follows.

  • Hiking is basically walking, which makes it a more accessible kind of adventure for nearly everyone
  • Deep-sea diving, mountain climbing, surfing, etc. require at least a bit of training
  • Some of the more extreme adventures such as skydiving have an element of risk to them
  • The world’s most scenic hiking trails are absolutely stunning

Two Highly Popular Adventure Destinations in the World

According to multiple sources, the following two areas are among the top travel destinations for adventurers across the world.

Rural Scotland – Rural Scotland in its entirety is a magnificent and beautiful place to explore, filled with palatial ruins, secret lochs, huge, green grasslands and valleys, mountains, and just an overall feeling of being in an era gone by.

The Rockies – Only meant for experienced hikers, the Rockies are an area of outstanding natural beauty with stunning vistas and amazing wildlife, but it can be challenging. However, for those that are willing to take the more traveled and safer routes, the views are breathtaking.

Adventures in any form are one of the last ways for man to experience the thrill of being close to nature, without the protection of modern society. It is an appealing concept for travelers and a huge opportunity for those working in the traveling industry.