An Airport lounge is a facility which available at many airports.. It has a quite environment with excellent comfortable seats and customer service at your ease. Also have exclusive comfort levels of meeting rooms, wireless network, telephone, food and snacks along with many other services. It is a service available to only those passengers who are flying in the first class or the business class. Lounges are operated by airlines and hence the number of lounges and the services depend on the airline. Some airlines provide the services to particular class of passengers only while some sell the membership. This is explained because there are plenty of services included in the lounge starting from food, body massages, beds, drinks, wifi, etc. and all these are available without any hassle. There are even personal assistants who help from your airport drop to lounge to your seat in the airport once you take the Airport lounge access. It sounds fantastic!! Right!

How are the lounges tailored?

An airport lounge is a service maintained by airlines and hence the services available there are different for different locations and also different for different airlines. Some lounges prioritize in food, drinks and comfortable seating. While some offer beds, shower massages and facials. The facilities offered are immense and excellent. Some also have excellent customer service that will help you with seat changing, boarding, finding your luggage etc. and are more effective than the usual customer service representatives at the airport.

Top Airport Lounges:

It’s difficult to explain the facilities at airport lounges. Let’s check out a couple of top and exclusive airport lounges in the world to know how tailored they are:

  1. The airport lounge in Istanbul has a piano, library, TV with a big size screen and private sleeping/relaxation rooms. For the ones interested in some games, you have pool tables and billiards room. Not forget the Olive bar, pizza station, fruit stations and food counters where you can have grilled meat. One can even have relaxing showers that include a toiletry kit as well. Travelling with an infant? You can relax in the private infant room where the infant and others be at calm. What more can you ask for?
  2. Airport lounge access of Virgin Atlantic at New York’s airport is no less. It gives a feeling of a bar with excellently done interiors and comfortable seating sofa made of red balls. For a relaxed and comfortable feel, you can skip into the privacy rooms with the complementary pajamas to relax in and you can add more with a spa and an haircut too!
  3. The airport lounge by Etihad in Abu Dhabi is another great place to relax which offers treatments for 15 minutes to relax. Worried to take care of your children to take up this service? Don’t need to think! They have a special children’s room with a nanny to care of them while you relax. For food lovers, you have special dishes from chefs in the VIP dining area. Services like ironing clothes and shining your shoes are also available.


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