The more we travel, the greater our appreciation for our world grows. Our connection to the land strengthens. On a luxury African safari we learn that not everything is abundant, and we have to take care of our surroundings.

For a place like Africa, where tourism is directly linked with nature, conversation is extremely important.

Take Akagera National Park, in Rwanda for example. It’s leading the way in preservation, in conjunction with recent growth and is a great park to watch out for in regards tourism.

It’s been repopulated and preserved in conjunction with African Parks. A 55.5% rise in herbivore animal species was recorded in the space of two years – 7,982 to 12,275.

The 1200 km2 area in eastern Rwanda has focused their attention on reinforced security and training of rangers.

This has led to:

Elephants have tripled in the past four years, since 2011
The buffalo population has grown 474
Seven lions were introduced in 2015, to 15 lions
Buffalos, waterbucks, zebras, topi and warthogs have increased in population between 2010-2013

The roan antelope that was close to extinction is recovering.

All of these positive numbers are a result of overall management of the park

under the Public Private Program agreement with African Parks. Extensive training and development of rangers has been central to the growth.

Investing in staff has increased visitor numbers by almost double, from 15,000 in 2010 to 32,000 in 2015. The boost of revenue has enabled the park to continue putting back into the park’s growth.

With worries that 2/3 of wild animals will be gone by 2020 due to human activities, other parks and tourists need to act. We can also be the solution.

Let’s work together to keep our world the way it is.

See the beauty of Africa first-hand with our help. Whatever your adventure, REIS Voyage can create a tailored experience that lets you see, hear, live and breathe the beauty of this magical land.

Please contact Justine on 0459308888 or [email protected] to plan your luxury African safari holiday with conservation a focus.


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