Most of us have been there, and the experience has turned out to be traumatic for all of us. How would you feel when you walk into a plane to find more people waiting in the line than the actual seat? In such cases, many people face denied boarding.

That someone can be you too. The scenario of overbooked flights has become common. Bumping passenger is a usual activity during the festive seasons, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are certain things you need to know about such circumstances.

What is denied boarding or bumping due to airline overbooking?

When the passengers book their flights, they usually receive a confirmation email stating that their booking has been made. But whether you are going to be on that flight or not can be confirmed only once when you visit the airport.

There are other cases in which the airline passenger may be denied boarding. The most common reason would be security concerns, registration issues, and travel documents issue.

Overbooked flights result when the airlines sell more tickets, and all the passengers turn up on the date. This can lead to passenger bumping.

The passengers are often refused from an entry in the plane due to overbooking. Most often people become confused as in why do airlines overbook flights? The answer happens to be quite simple because of more money.

Why do airlines overbook flights?

Although money is the most prominent concern, there are other concerns as well such as empty seats. Sometimes it happens that the frequent flyer to doesn’t show up for the flight on time. This results in empty seats during air travel.

Although it is not regarded as the crime by the government. Overbooked flights can cause a lot of inconvenience to the flyers, especially involuntary bumping. Bumping can happen everywhere, be it for international flights or a domestic flight.

These airlines often lose the fixed revenue if they have empty seats. Thus, it can be said that the airlines purposely oversold flight tickets for yield management. This helps to ensure that the plane has 100% occupancy.

The airlines usually predict the number of flyers that would turn up. Based on these predictions, airline overbooking is done. However, there are situations when everyone shows up for the flight and eventually cause passenger bumping. This is usually seen in the United States.

How do airlines decide which passenger to bump?

The airline companies begin by asking the volunteers to give up their seat, and in return they receive compensation. The Department of transportation helps to ensure that the bumped travelers get their amount of compensation.

These compensations usually include money, hotel services, a bonus card, a travel voucher for free, high-class travel next time and more. It is the airline company that gets to determine what compensation the customer will be entitled to.

There are certain situations where no one wants to volunteer for giving up their seat. Thus, in conditions like these, the airplane company is forced to leave their seats. There are exceptions in these cases too. People who have limited mobility are not asked to leave their seat.

Involuntarily bumping is common in several renowned airline companies such as United Airlines and American Airlines. Recently, a passenger from United Airlines dragged off from the plane as a result of overbooking.

In such situations, passengers are eligible to claim compensation. Often it happens that airlines don’t provide legit compensation to passengers.

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What kind of compensation will you receive if you are denied against your will?

When the airline wants to remove you from your seat against your will, you should surely ask for compensation. These may include

  • To get a refund of your ticket within seven days and a return flight to your starting destination.
  • To get a reservation on another flight for your final destination as soon as they can. If there are no flights, the airline company should book any other means of transportation and pay for it.
  • Offer you a date for your final destination based on a date of your choice.

You are not eligible for compensation if…

  • You did not show up for the flight on time
  • You did not verify your travel documents
  • There were specific health or security concerns.

Overbooked flights can lead to delay which is to ruin your entire trip. It is better to have a backup plan. And never forget to claim your compensation if you have been denied boarding.