Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado that is straddling the borders between Utah and Arizona. It is such a famous vacation destination that gets about two million vacationers a year. It was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam which ultimately lead to the creation of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area which is also a popular summer destination.

Lake Powell is an ideal destination for people who love houseboating and adventure. Lake Powell has sparkling clear blue waters that lap against towering, sheer, red-rock canyon walls and sandy beaches. Houseboats can slowly drive their way deep into the side canyons. Lake Powell offers 96 major canyons for you to explore although this will require a water craft for most of the activities.

The other lake activities that are offered at Lake Powell are swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, sightseeing and hiking. For the photographers, there are numerous photographic opportunities.

There are numerous American Houseboat Rentals, Lake Powell, Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals can assist you with planning the perfect trip from the Marinas that are located within Lake Powell.

  • Wahweap Marina – which is south of the Arizona state border and is the largest marina in Lake Powell. This marina also has the largest fleet of houseboats and recreational watercraft, restaurants, swimming pools etc.
  • Bullfrog Marina – which is in Utah and is 5 hours away from the Wahweap Marina. This marina is open year-round and has the Defiance house which has 48 rooms.
  • Halls Crossing Marina – which is in Utah and offers the vacationers a convenience store, snack bars, campgrounds, launch ramps etc.
  • Dangling Rope Marina – which is in Utah and its accessible only through water and it offers a convenience stores, fuelling services and snack bars.

To ensure that everyone is catered for American Houseboat Rentals, Lake Powell offers three categories of houseboats:

  • Economy -Affordability is key with these houseboats. The affordability however does not decrease their views on features. You don’t have to worry about your choice being a disappointment, these houseboats have all the standard amenities you could need and want in a houseboat.
  • Deluxe – Is a combination of value and upgrades, this is why the deluxe houseboats are the most popular rentals rented at Lake Powell. They are able to fit dozens of people comfortable and are accompanied by the all the amenities you could want and more. They also come with a range of full-sized kitchens, staterooms and outdoor gas grills
  • Luxury – For those who do not have a budget and want to have the ultimate Lake Powell experience begins with the luxury houseboats that are offered are like no other. Their luxurious houseboats range from 54 to 75 feet in length and are incredibly spacious and elegant. The houseboats also have the best amenities to make the experience even better, hot tubs, satellite TV, Gourmet Kitchens, Wet bars, etc.

No matter your budget you can be rest assured that there is a houseboat that is perfect for you and your family, friends, guests, etc.


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