Hong Kong is an extremely busy city of China. It is a fast-growing trading and financial center in Asia and also a gateway to China. Many travelers spend a few days here on a business trip. This city has a blend of western and eastern culture because of the earlier British colonization that ended in the year 1997. You can experience modern lifestyle along with ancient values. There are less communist ruling and more capitalism at this place. Once you reach here, you will be able to see the modern skyscrapers that are present all over this city. There is an old world charm including the fishing villages, temples, and the urban high-rise. Shopping may be one of the major reasons why people come here but there are plenty of Hong Kong point of interest that you can enjoy that includes world-class cuisines, traditional markets, natural scenery, and electronic gadgets.

Time to visit Hong Kong

As Hong Kong is located on the seaside, its weather conditions vary a lot. As it is located in the sub-tropical zone, it is an all year destination. The summers are really humid as well as hot and therefore,this season is usually avoided. Winters are cool and dry and it is an ideal weather condition. Autumn season is a good season too. The evenings are cool; a pleasant breeze blows throughout the day, temperatures remain moderate and there is always sunshine that makes it the best time for visiting the key places in Hong Kong. Do not visit during the Chinese New Year as most of the shops remain closed.

Key places

The key Hong Kong point of interest includes Hong Kong Museum of History, Victoria Peak, Theme Parks, Street Markets, Aberdeen Harbor, Victoria Harbor Cruise, and many others. People who visit this place for the only purpose of shopping, for them the main shopping area lies in the Tsim Sha Tsui district along the Mong Kok, Nathan Road, Causeway Bay, and the Central District. For the best prices, you can ask local people or you can shop that is available on the street markets. Many tourists when visit Hong Kong, take a trip to Macau. It is known for its casinos of the Las Vegas style. It is an hour ferry ride from Hong Kong and in fact, you can return back prior mid-night. So, plan your full list before visiting this city.