If you have ever been skiing or hiking in a snowy forest, you might have wondered just how your outerwear keeps you warm and dry no matter how much snow is falling or how many times you land skis up in a snow bank. Chances are, the material that has kept you warm and dry and made your ski experience that much more fun, uses dry fast foam technology from Ariaprene.

     Ariaprene is a leader in the dry fast foam  industry and has created an innovative quick dry foam which uses a closed cell structure as its foam core. This closed cell structure ensures that your outwear or footwear doesn’t absorb water while decreasing weight and durability is part of Ariaprene’s dry fast foam technology.

     Everyone from Adidas, Arc’teryx and Camelbak, to Dakine, New Balance and others are using Ariaprene’s dry fast foam technology in their products. Dry fast foam technology offers the user a wide range of benefits that other materials can’t match. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Dry Fast Foam Technology From Ariaprene here:

5 Benefits Of Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam

Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam Is Quick Drying- drying quickly means a garment will be much lighter and provide more comfort which makes Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam especially useful for athletic wear.

Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam Is Lightweight- being both lightweight and water-resistant make dry fast foam technology from Ariaprene the perfect choice for sports and outerwear as it can help repel liquids and reduce the amount of skin irritation the wearer experiences.

Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam Is Eco-Friendly- Ariaprene’s quick dry foam is biodegradable and eco-friendly. This means you can feel good about wearing it.

Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam Offers Greater Flexibility- Ariaprene’s dry fast foam offers the wearer an increased range of motion due to its lightweight and flexibility.

Ariaprene’s Dry Fast Foam Is Hypo-Allergenic- Ariaprene’s dry fast foam is hypo-allergenic which means it won’t cause any allergic reactions in the wearer.

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     To learn more about Ariaprene’s fast dry foam technology and how it can be used to create a wide range of specialized products, contact Ariaprene and let them assist you and answer any questions you might have about dry fast foam technology today!

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