Heading out for a Caribbean vacation? If you are, you’ve got a lot of planning to do…

You have to know where you’re going. You’ve got to know the place you’ll visit. And you need to know where you’ll stay…

And then you must adapt to the prices of your destination.

That planning process might feel a bit complex to you. But no worries!

Below, we’ll discuss how to plan your accommodation on a holiday to the Caribbean. And specifically, to the beautiful country of Barbados!

Wait – Why Barbados?

Of all Caribbean vacation options – this is your best bet.

Its population isn’t as high as many of its neighbouring countries. And it’s economically developed, with good GDP per capita…

So you won’t meet 3rd world hustlers there.

It’s the perfect vacation spot for anywhere who wants to relax from civilization – without losing too much of it.

Picking Your Accommodation.

With so many options, travelers find it hard to decide where to stay.

However, it is really very simple…

If you are independent, you are better off with a self-catering service, in your own spacious and private villa or apartment.

If you like being in the swing of things (without) worrying about where you will eat tonight, an all-inclusive hotel is your best bet.

If you like elegance, gourmet dining and like to mingle you will enjoy luxury hotels and resorts including villa resorts and full-service private homes and apartments for the connoisseur.

From full-service hotels to private homes, Barbados has the ideal accommodation for every traveler.

But let’s explore those options in more detail. Because there are a lot of factors to consider…

A Briefing into Options.

The Barbadian tourist industry provides travelers with a lot of accommodation options.

You can rent villas, hotel rooms, cottages, and apartments! You can stay at inns and or hostels, with a variety of service options!

Your options are endless. But they definitely depend on a lot of factors…

We’ll mention those factors below. And we’ll give you a guide into the best fitting accommodations for you!

Factor #1: Pack Size.

Are you an alone traveler to Barbados? Or is someone else coming along with you?

That other person could be a sibling, a parent, or a partner. Or, they might be one of your friends…

You then have to consider children. Are you bringing any along? And if you are, how many are coming?

Are they still toddlers? Or are they old enough to care for themselves?

Lone Travelers.

If you’re a lone traveler, you have massive freedom. And you’ve got a financial advantage that many travelers lack…

You can choose to stay anywhere, from an inn to a villa. Again, this depends on your personal finances.

But as a rule, being a lone traveler is a chance to explore the culture more. So you want to live in a place that reminds you of Barbados as much as possible…

And for that, we recommend a beach house or a cottage. It’s a calm and serene place to be. And you’ll have a nice time adjusting on your own terms!

2 Adult Travelers.

Those will usually be couples, young or old. And again, you have a budget advantage here, as you don’t need that much space…

If you’re a couple, look for a calm and romantic place to be. You don’t want a place that’s too impersonal or social (like a city hotel).

Instead, seek a place that lets you enjoy each other for a while. A self-catering villa, or a self-catering apartment is your best option.

3+ Family Members (children optional).

Here, you’ll need space. You want a house or a villa…

The last thing you need is to crowd yourself in a country that’s not so crowded. That will be akin to travelling to a vacation, while taking all the stress with you!

And the older your children, the more space you’ll need. Kids after a certain age become in need of their own space.

So a limited environment is not really your best bet.

Factor #2: Reasons to Travel.

Are you in Barbados as part of a yearly vacation you do? Or are you there as a first-time visitor, just to explore the culture?

Because the type of accommodation you need differs, based on your travel experience.

1st Time.

If you’re there the 1st time, start small. Don’t commit to paying lots of cash for the property.

Instead, seek to get accommodation that’s comfortable enough for sleep. After all, 1st visits are about exploring the place you’re in.

Not Your 1st Visit.

If this isn’t your 1st time, you might have property in Barbados. Or, you might be considering the purchase of one on your next visit…

In that case, consider a larger home. You can go for an ownership villa or house. And that can be your vacation home for years to come…

And, you can turn it into your retirement home too!

Factor #3: Do You Prefer Independence?

Do you like to do everything yourself? Do you prefer to go through the living motions of daily routine?

Or do you prefer being served in almost every domain (especially food)?

If you prefer being served, look for a traditional traveler accommodation. Those will be your hotels, with room service and specific meal times.

But if you like independence in daily living, then try a self-catering home.

It’ll be more enjoyable to you. And it might be something you need, away from the droll monotony of city life.

So How Do I Start my Research?

Start by familiarizing yourself with the prices of accommodation in Barbados. Get to know the hotels available and what they offer.

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