When you set to cruise the Island of the dragons, you will be mistaken that there is more than the Komodo dragons. You can cruise Komodo on a Phinisi Yacht and get to see more than you ever thought.

Hiking with the Komodo Dragons

You will get an opportunity to see the dragons by cruising to Rinca or Komodo Island. The dragons date back to over 3.8 million years and are currently the oldest species alive. They grow up to three meters and sighting them for the first time gives the impression that you are seeing something from a different world.

They usually stroll along the beaches and hilly grasslands of Komodo and Rinca and many can be found close to the ranger station. Treks of various length are available, accompanied by a local guide.

Strolling along Pink Beach – Pantai Merah

Pink Beach

As you enjoy your cruise further into Komodo, you will see a natural phenomenon that awaits you- the pink beach. The washed out red corals color the island giving it a pink color. Nobody goes back without falling in love with “Pantai Merah” after strolling along its shore.

Flying Fox Island

The flying foxes welcome the night giving the impression of a Jurassic Park. Kalong bay is a perfect anchoring location sunset, where thousands of Flying Foxes ascent every evening.

Flying Foxes

Star Gazing away from city life

As the night falls, there is a bright curtain full of stars adorning the sky. Nothing else will disturb you but the sight above you. Find  a position on the deck of your Komodo Yacht so that you do not miss the magical nights as you listen to the gentle oceanic splash.

Snorkel with Manta Rays

The nutrition richness of the Komodo Islands attracts large numbers of Manta Rays. Visitors have a high chance to snorkel and dive with them in various sites – often more than a dozen can be seen in a single session.

Visit Mesa traditional Island Village

Cruising the Islands of Komodo should take you to the hidden gems and traditional cultures within the Sunda Islands. See traditional life in Kampung Mesa or Kapung Rinca –  the villagers are ascendants of the  Bajau Laut Sea Gypsies.

Viewpoints of Padar and Gili Laba

As you Cruise Komodo, you should be able to catch a glimpse of the countless number of beaches and valleys. Padar Island is the third largest landmark in the National Park is something on photographers bucket list. Its panoramic view surrounding the Archipelago offers a picturesque scene.

You can take short treks as you enjoy the sunsets and sunrise. The Gili Lawa Darat, also called “Gili Laba”, is also a pleasant and popular spot. Spend the next 15-20 minutes walking towards the top of the island for a spectacular view over the National Park.