Getting a US passport requires producing various kinds of documents, without which the passport application have high chances of getting cancelled. One such document, which needs mention in this regard is the birth certificate of the individual. When it comes to proving US citizenship during the application process, furnishing the birth certificate is the best way. To be frank, this is one document, which all US citizens must have. However, it might happen that you do not have your birth certificate. There is no need to panic for the same as there are other ways in which your nationality can be established and proved and you can apply for new US passport.

There are also many US citizens, who were born outside the country. What will happen to their birth certificate? In this article, you will be able to know about the various ways in which passport application can be done even if you do not have a birth certificate.

A Letter of No Record can be used

The State in which the individual lives can issue a Letter of No Record. This document includes things like the name of the individual, date of birth, years in which birth records were found and most importantly, the fact that no birth certificate file was located by the name of the individual. This is actually evidence that there is no birth record of the individual in the United States. This document has to be furnished along with the passport application form. However, if you need urgent US passport, this document might not suffice.

For obtaining the Letter of No Record, one has to go and speak to the government of the particular state in which the individual was born. One has to get in touch with the individual Department of Vital Statistics. The letter will be issued from this department only. Initially the department will search through the database to see if any kind of birth record is available or not. If it is not found, Letter of No Record is issued. It takes almost a week for the whole process to get completed.

On obtaining the Letter of No Record, start collecting all kinds of additional documents as proof of citizenship. These additional documents are known as Early Public Records. Some of the documents, which are included in this list are:

  • Early school records
  • Certificate of Baptism with seal of Church
  • Certified adoption decree
  • Birth certificate of hospital with footprints of the baby and the names of the parents on the same
  • Federal or State Census records
  • Post-natal care medical record
  • Family Bible record

The documents should be early public records displaying the name, the place and date of birth. Also, the documents should be created within 5 years of age of the individual.

Form No DS-10, which is the Affidavit of Birth, can be submitted by any blood relative, who is older than the individual. The person should have ‘personal knowledge’ of the birth of the individual. It should either be notarized or have the signature and seal of the acceptance agent.

Use of delayed birth certificate can be done

If you find that getting a Letter of No Record is difficult, you can try and apply for Delayed US Birth Certificate. Usually such certificates are filed after one year of date of birth of the individual. This document can easily be used as evidence of birth and you can easily apply for the passport. The document has to have an affidavit signed by the parents or should have signature from any attendant, who was present at the time of the individual’s birth.


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