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Easy Ways to Make Green Bean Porridge Recipe


How to make Delicious Recipes Green Bean Porridge easy. Surely we all know the benefits of green beans for our bodies. Not only for children whose future growth, even adults can benefit the natural goodness of one of these types of crops. The problem is how to create the easiest way to enjoy and benefit from the goodness of these peas. Lots of green bean porridge recipes we can make easily. One of the most popular is the Green Bean Porridge Recipe Delicious Nutritious and delicious taste.

Many variations snack this one we used to know, like green bean porridge recipes milk, green bean porridge without milk, green bean porridge Madura, green bean glutinous rice porridge and the other black. Oftentimes, we also see recipe green bean porridge for the baby. Indeed, besides being quite delicious and tasty, food raw materials is very easy once in the can and the price is quite cheap. Also usually every region in Indonesia does have its own characteristics in cooking and then integrated into this green bean recipe.

Make some friends who had never made a green bean porridge yourself at home, may have encountered some obstacles and the results are not too soft. Friends may think that making green bean porridge recipe is easy. But if you do not know the tips and secrets, the result is not guaranteed to be tender and tasty. One of the most important factors in making green beans are green beans damping process first with warm water for approximately 2 hours. Use the green beans were really good quality. I enter the first green beans and dry beans and floating waste.

In addition, if friends want to make green beans with coconut milk, preferably using coconut milk from coconut fruit juice original. But if it does not exist, instant coconut milk can be used, just not too much mixed with water. Additionally, to add a warm sensation when eating it, should be added also a hint of ginger and brown sugar java. Okay for more details, please see step by step how to make a green bean and materials needed.

Porridge Recipe Ingredients Green Beans Delicious Coconut Milk

The main ingredient that is needed is 250 grams of green beans whose quality is good and there is a lot of droppings.
Brown sugar or sugar of approximately 350 grams. Thinly slice thinly gar soluble sugar with water later.
Salt has iodine content of approximately 1 teaspoon (can be added if it is less).
Glance leaves that have been washed clean medium size 4 pieces or 6 pieces for little ones. Make conclusions and the two sheets to make coconut milk and mix the rest to make the green bean porridge.
Ginger that has been washed and peeled with a length of approximately 2-3 cm.
Sugar white sand of approximately 80-100 grams or according to taste.
Water to taste or approximately 2-2.5 liters of water.
Coconut milk ingredient needed is salt and water. The original thick coconut milk or coconut milk can also use instant approximately 200 ml.

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