Estepona is one of the oldest towns in southern Spain, and it was one of the early spots which attracted tourists, hikers and travellers. The heart of Costa Del Sol, Estepona has successfully held onto its strong roots of traditions and customs.

Estepona is a small sized town which though did not attract people earlier due to the absence of good accommodation of tourists, have now sprung to life as travellers are flocking the old cobbled streets and films are being shot near the sea. Unlike the busy Marbella, Estepona is relatively a quiet town with its centre being traditionally Spanish. White walled houses and their windows which are decorated with geranium flowers make a magnificent sight. Relaxing in the Plaza de las Flores, a beautiful place square lined with flowers and exquisite coffee bars and cafes. Below are few points that would help anyone visiting Estepona:

Places to visit in Estepona:

The centre of Estepona which itself is the heart of Costa Del Sol is the loveliest, comprising a greater slice of typical Andalusian town. Down the cobbled street with white walls all around you can stare at the Castillo de San Luis, a fortress constructed by the Spanish Catholic monarchs. The little square has a bell tower which dates back centuries long. Basking in the tranquillity of the old Spanish town is lovely. The largest beach of Estepona is closest to the town. You would love to walk on the soft pale sand and new buildings sprung up near the beach. A wide array of chiringuitos and cafes are lined up just on the other side. You can also come strolling around the marina for a refreshing drink and see the opulent yachts all glorified in the water. The local markets sell nice leather products and handicrafts which are decorative in nature.

Places to stay in Estepona.

Luxury vacation rental Estepona and many other villas which have come up, guarantee complete comfortable vacay stay for families, singles, couples and many friends. Built around the small town and nearby the places of interests makes it a perfect vacation spot. Large and exclusive apartments have been built in and around Estepona. The best luxury vacation rental Estepona is only about 25 minutes south of the capital city of Marbella and less than an hour drive away from the Malaga international airport. Tourists who look for comfortable, exclusive and luxurious vacation can stay near the quiet town of Estepona. Luxury vacation rental Estepona can bring you the best places which not only offers you luxurious rooms but also terraces facing the mediterranean sea where one can relish the tranquillity of the sea wind with a glass of red wine in hand. The golf maniacs have multiple golf courses to themselves. There is a subtropical garden that surrounds the apartments which also include a waterfall with a heated 100m2 pool. The brand new exclusive apartments are the reason for the increased number of tourists to Estepona.


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