If you want to experience something new and amazing this vacation season, look no further than Thailand. Steeped in millennia of rich history and customs, this gorgeous land’s natural beauty has largely gone untouched. On islands such as Koh Samui, millions of tourists visit each year to explore the beaches, taste the traditional foods, and dance the night away. However, these are just a few of the many reasons people from around the world choose to visit this country for vacation, and sometimes even drop their lives to move there permanently.

The Street Food

Some of Thailand’s recipes have been preserved for hundreds of years, meaning you can get an authentic taste of the type of food locals ate in the past. To get your hands on this delicious history, you need to go no further than the corner of any street. Many of the nation’s delicious tom yum soups can be eaten right from the roadside stalls. The hot and sour dish can be whipped up in a matter of seconds by smiling street vendors using fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. Everything you eat here is guaranteed to be created with fresh, delicious ingredients. Other foods, such as meat kabobs and grilled sticky rice are must-haves, and people line up halfway down the street to buy these exceptionally affordable treats.

Value for the Cost

To save time, money, and frustration, your best option for your first visit to the country would be a Thailand tour. The companies that offer these tours allow you to experience long stays at luxury hotels and resorts for a far lower price than you would spend anywhere else in the world. The right companies will do all of the difficult planning for you and ensure every moment of your stay is luxurious and fun.

These low prices are true of Thailand as a whole. Compared to the US and European countries, almost everything is up to 40% more affordable in Thailand. Imagine spending less than 30 cents on a brand name soda or just over $7 on a beautiful new skirt. The money that might buy you only four or five days in another country may let you stretch the fun into a week or more here.

Buddhist Heritage

Thailand has a deeply rooted Buddhist background, and its residents are extremely welcoming to visitors. You may find it difficult to walk down a residential street without being invited in for a cup of fresh tea, and many of the residents speak English. You will find Buddha statues in all corners of the country, showcasing the nation’s Buddhist roots. Whether seated, standing, or lying down, Buddha statues are found in many different sizes and materials. Simply visit a temple during your stay, and you may even get the opportunity to see a relic of the spiritual leader himself.

Whatever reason may draw you to Thailand, you will have nothing but fun during your stay. There are hundreds of activities that appeal to children, too, such as riding elephants through town. Thailand is a country that the entire family can enjoy, and you are unlikely to find a better chance to experience some luxury at such an affordable price.


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