The first frequent flyer program was rolled out in the early 70s by United Airlines. However, even after so many years of serving flight passengers, there are still quite many doubts and myths surrounding the frequent flyer program. While there are noteworthy programs like JPMiles that lets you collect jet airways points, it will be wise to be on the lookout for these myths to improve your rewards earning potential:

1 – Myth #1 – I need to do extensive flying to earn points

It is true that a big chunk of points is accumulated by using the same carrier for multiple flights. But did you know that there are other interesting ways to accumulate points without even stepping foot into an aircraft? Want to know how? Then here are a few ways –

  1. Online shopping at airline e-commerce portals
  2. Utilizing bonuses associated with credit card signups
  3. Opting to receive a newsletter from partner retailers

These steps don’t need you to fly!

2 – Myth #2 – I need to keep flying continuously so that the points don’t lapse

This is another myth. The points will lapse only when you don’t do any activity at all. As we have pointed out, to actually fly is not important to accumulate frequent flyer miles. It is seen that more than 50% of the miles are now being generated from credit cards and online/offline shopping partners.

It is actually proven that you need not fly a very high number of times to rack up jet miles or jet airways points. All you need to do is carry out some activity like transferring credit card points, shopping, or dining at a partner brand retail/ food outlet.

3 – Myth # 3 – Rewards miles are not free

Every month you will spend money to buy food, clothes, shopping and spend on transportation. Then why not use these in such a way that can help you accumulate points at the same time as fulfilling your needs? All that is needed is a bit of tweaking to the spending habits, so that the expense is considered eligible for points accumulation.

4 – Myth # 4 – The taxes on a free flight is as much as the standard ticket itself

This myth is due to lack of understanding of how the airline points system works. You need to time your travel and pick your airports in such a way that it doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount in taxes, and thus provide you real value from your free flight ticket that you redeemed after collecting the necessary miles. For example, London’s Heathrow Airport is one of the most expensive airports in the world. You will rarely see frequent flyers using this as one of the ports for departure or arrival with their free tickets.

Also, it is seen that the further you book from departure date, the more likely you are to save on taxes.  Any booking done more than 6 months ahead of departure will surely attract lower taxes. This way, you can expect to enjoy the free flight ticket without taxes negating the entire ‘free ticket, Yay!’ experience.

With these four myths busted, you should be better off going for flight tickets from carriers like Jet Airways and collecting frequent flying points to redeem it for exciting gifts and rewards.


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