As far as fun having fun goes, Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the top clubbing destinations in the world, which makes it the ideal home for seasoned workers. In terms of site attractions when visiting Ibiza, at the far end of San Antonio Bay lies the world-famous sunset strip and the bar that launched all those chill-out compilations you find in record stores all over the planet – The Café Del Mar. Experiencing the unique energy of Ibiza is an opportunity not to be missed. When visiting Ibiza, you can find work anywhere in Ibiza, the only thing you need to consider is the kind of flexibility a particular job offers.

 It is almost a no-brainer that confidence is key when finding a job in Ibiza, and there are a variety of jobs available in Ibiza for you to choose from coming from the UK. Whether itsPR jobs, bar work, ticket selling or anything else in between we guarantee you’ll find the perfect job to suit you whilst working in Ibiza.When it comes to working in Ibiza, realize that jobs in Ibiza are available throughout the season from May – September. There are basically packages available to suit all arrival dates so whatever your situation, a job will always be available for you on the island.

 It is recommended that you travel as early as possible to maximize the season of a lifetime working in Ibiza. When you opt for working in Ibiza, note that your hours and shifts can vary depending on the job you choose from the available jobs. Keep in mind however that the average shift will usually last between 4-6 hours, and during peak season you may need to sweet talk your boss into giving you a night or two off so you can join in other fun activities on the islands.

PR jobs in Ibiza are one of the most popular, unlike PR jobs in the UK where people often spend their days in an office behind a computer screen, working as a PR person in Ibiza, you get to head to the street, experience the full party atmosphere and whip up excitement amongst potential customers while you work. Keep in mind that you do have to be resilient to work in PR. Working as a PR person in Ibiza, it is a common experience that lots of people you approach will knock you back or simply ignore you, and you need to know how to brush this rejection off and keep going – to get the best out of your job.

Working as a PR in Ibiza will be basically easy for you, if you genuinely love talking to people and you know how to engage well with new people, you’ll really enjoy the chats, laughs and banter you are going to get every single night.Usually you’ll stand outside a venue and engage with passers-by in order to encourage them to visit and spend their money at that venue.


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