Traveling for long periods of time without visiting your home country can be very tedious. It is not for everyone. Many people will get homesick within a few days or weeks. But there are others who love to travel and visit new places, make friends with strangers in strange lands, learn about new cultures and learn their language and enjoy their cuisine. If this is what you are, then the following guide will help you:

  • Finance is the key to long term travel. When you are out to learn new languages and culture you do not want the added headache of counting coins. You should have the necessary finance so that you can go ahead with your travels easily. However, earmarking a budget is a good idea as you will have some control over your finances because money gets spent very fast when traveling and I can tell you from experience.
  • Documentation takes time and many people fail to get the required documentation and this plays havoc with their travel plans. Not every country provides visas on arrival so check this beforehand.
  • Vaccinations are required and you need to get that shot. Without getting that shot you will not be allowed. Each country has different set of vaccinations that are required, so visit the country’s website and check what shots are needed, because you could be barred from entering if you have not had the booster shot.
  • Carry light while on a long trip as you will be lugging your backpack for long periods of time. If it is heavy it can cause back injuries. You should carry only the bare essentials and you can always buy your requirements whenever required. Also before embarking you should rent public storage Denver and keep your things there. You can collect them when you return from your trip.
  • A very important point I learned while traveling is to not make fun of the locals and their culture. You may find their customs and rituals strange and even abhor them but you should not show it to the locals. These customs are part of their culture and you have gone there to learn about them so learn and do not judge. Also the language may sound funny, but do not make fun of it. People tend to be very connected with their local tongues and if you make fun of it you could end up seriously injured if the locals take objection to it.


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