When deciding just where to go for vacation, it always seems to be a tossup between adventure and luxury. Do you want to be pampered after working so hard for all those months or would you rather get out and about, doing all the things you don’t have the time or energy to do during the work week? Why not take a vacation where you can enjoy the best of both worlds? If you are looking for ideas where to go so that you can do all that on one single vacation, why not check out luxury villas in Seminyak? Here’s some of what you can do.

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Days Exploring the Beaches of Bali

There are really so many beaches in Seminyak that it would be difficult to list them all here in one place. However, according to Tripadvisor.com, the best beaches include:

  • Seminyak Beach (of course!)
  • Legian Beach
  • Tuban Beach
  • Kuta Beach
  • Jimbaran Bay

And, those are just a sampling, each of which has different attractions. Some are best suited to swimming while others are better enjoyed at night with a cold drink to watch the colorful sunsets before returning home to your lovely Seminyak villa.

Afternoon Massages as Part of a Package Deal

Since Seminyak caters to tourists from around the globe, you can adventure by day and luxuriate by night in some of the most comfortable pool villas in Seminyak. Here, you can find a number of different deals, depending on how many nights you stay, but the three-night deal for two includes both a complimentary tea in the afternoon as well as an hour-long massage for two. That’s living it up in the lap of luxury and something you might actually need if you go exploring much of the island. After working hard throughout the year and then getting all that exercise, a massage is just what the doctor ordered.

Dine Al Fresco in Nook Bali

Why would anyone really choose to go on a vacation, only to be cramped within four walls the entire time? In Seminyak, you have the opportunity to dine al fresco at the Nook Bali. Here, you will be seated under a canopy, where you can gaze out at green fields while enjoying some of the most delightful local cuisines to be found anywhere on the island. Those green fields you are enjoying? They really are rice fields and if you’ve never seen them up close, this is your chance to do so!

So, there really is a way to mix luxury with adventure if you set your mind to it. Stay in the lap of luxury while venturing out into the unknown on Seminyak Beach. There are always going to be beaches to explore, but that afternoon lunch at the edge of a rice field or a day offshore snorkeling might give you a taste of adventure you have long denied yourself. Isn’t it time you went off the beaten path a bit? Just remember, don’t stray too far so you can get back to that lovely villa with the tea and massage just waiting to be enjoyed.