If you visit Alabama’s capital, you’ll find a stylish bar, deep-fried bacon, and revitalized neighborhoods. But the real tourist attraction of the city would be their museums and sites that are focused on the civil rights revolution. In this article, we would list down the best thing you can do in the city in a span of three days. Now let’s start!

Before Your Trip to Montgomery

Before you go to Alabama, you should make sure that you have all the things you for the trip. You should prepare your clothes, personal things (like underwear, toothbrush, soap, lotion, and others), passport, ID’s, and your USA VISA or ESTA VISA.

So, how can you get an ESTA? You can easily apply for this online by filling up an application. Visit a good site where you can fill your USA ESTA in order for you to visit Montgomery.

First Day In Montgomery

On your first day in Montgomery, you can start your day with an Appl Chaider or Pumpkin Spice Latte at Prevail Union Montgomery. These specialties from Prevail Union will wake you up fully with a gentle hint of an autumn spice in it. You can pair this up with a pastry that is freshly made at Café Louisa at Cloverdale.

After having a good breakfast in these places, you can visit The Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum downtown to know the town’s past and present. These places provide an awesome experience that they have drawn over 300,000 people outside of town for a short time.

Then you can end the day by attending Montgomery’s Biscuits Baseball Game, which can be found at the historic Riverwalk Stadium. You might enjoy watching their thrilling game.

Second Day In Montgomery

Now that you’re on your second day, you might want to visit Montgomery’s Cahawba House where they make best homemade biscuits and freshly baked beignets. Their biscuits are so good that a lot of people visits their shop, so you should try it too.

During the afternoon, you can lighten up the mood by exploring the town’s John and Joyce Caddell Sculpture Garden, which can be found at Montgomery’s Museum of Fine Arts. As for lunch, you can grab an afternoon bite at The Tipping Point at Hampstead. They are known for the gourmet snack they offer which brings all kinds of amazing flavors on your taste buds.

And to end up your second day, you can go visit Escapology where you can visit another world or virtual reality arcade. If you have brought some friends during your trip, you and your friends would surely enjoy this trip.

Third Day In Montgomery

As for your last day, don’t forget to visit Montgomery’s oldest diner called Chris’ Hot Dogs. They first started their business in May 1917, and now they are the oldest operating restaurant in the state. The restaurant is now run by the founder’s children and grandchildren.

If you’re up to a relaxing in your last day in Montgomery, you can try going for a spa treatment at the Renaissance Montgomery Spa and Hotel. They offer the best spa services in the state. If you haven’t eaten lunch yet, you can head to Montgomery’s Davis Café as they offer the classic Southern meat that you would surely love.

And for your last night, you might want to try chilling out at the Capitol Oyster Bar, not only do they offer some refreshing beer, but they also provide the best oyster and other appetizing meal.

But if you’re not up to an oyster feast, you can have your dinner at K&J Rib Shack at the south boulevard. This barbeque joint serves fresh and their chicken and pork are delectably smoking. You should also try their ribs that comes slathered with their freshly made, rich sauce. This is the perfect spot for those who always crave for a perfectly grilled beef and other meat.

If you are looking for something extreme or fun to do in Montgomery, you can try visiting some tourist sites that could provide some tips, directions, and things that you can do in the state.


This article contains all the top things that you can do in Montgomery, but you don’t have to follow all of it if you have already listed some places you wanted to visit. But we do recommend that you visit some of the things we have listed, especially the restaurants. When visiting another state or country, you shouldn’t miss out on the foods they offer as wouldn’t find some of them in any other place.