Many people who have visited Iran always say that the country is safe, beautiful and friendly. It houses a number of lovely monuments and beautiful attractions that you will surely want to see. Getting to Iran, like other countries, requires a valid visa. With a valid Iran visa check of your own, you can up your travelling process to the country.

As a result of the amazing attractions Iran offers to its visitors, many of them always come to term with the fact that two weeks or one month Iran visa issued to them was just too small. Some visitors look at the possibility of coming back into the country at a later date while others considered the possibility of getting their Iran visa extended for another 30 days. It is quite easy and to get your stay in Iran extended once you know where and how to go about it. A look at the provisions of Iran visa requirements will do the magic for you.

Iran offers a smooth landing for tourists. You won’t be subjected to any rigorous screening by the Iranian immigration before your Iran visa okayed. Upon your arrival in the country as a tourist, your fingerprints will be captured. Also, you might not be allowed to import over 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars. It is a crime to bring in alcohol to Iran. So, you should leave your alcohol in your home country. It is good you remain a law abiding person since alcohol importation is illegal and a punishable offence in Iran. Be rest assured that you can bring in your gadget and devices. You can also take home souvenirs of your choice but there is a limit to it.

Available Visas and Their Validity

Every issued Iran visa has a life span. It is right you start the process at least two months before the date you intend to leave for Iran. Iran visa on arrival which is open to tourists can be assessed by some tourists. Iran visa requirements for tourists on the platform of Iran visa on arrival is cumbersome. This is why the turnout of tourists under the platfrom is usually low on yearly basis. The process is too slow and your fate, on whether the visa will be approved or not, remains in the dark. This, of course, does not mean no one can get this Iran visa on arrival. There is a list of nationalities who can get it but don’t worry if you don’t belong to any of the countries listed. You will surely get your own visa if you start the application process on time.

Before we look at the Iran visa requirements for available Iran visas, it will do you more good if you understand how the application process is done. Visitors to Iran need to get their visas approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran, capital of Iran. But for visa on arrival applicants, approval can be got in advance or in the airport upon arrival. Once approval is made, the ministry will make authorization code available to the office of the consulates, which perfect the application process and subsequently issue you your visa within 2 or 3 days. What determines the cost of your visa application is your nationality.

Tourist Visa

Iran visa can be extended for 30 days. But you should apply for it at least two months before your date of departure. Don’t worry about your authorization code because you can easily assess it via the tour company of your choice for about €19 under 2 or 3 days. Validity of this visa covers only 90 days from the date it was issued.  As said earlier, you should apply for it long before the date of departure so that it can be ready before you leave for the country. It is safe, cheap and cool for every tourist who wants to visit Iran. With this visa, nothing can stop you from entering Iran.

Tourist Visa On Arrival

You will get your Iran visa on arrival 30 days on arriving any of the selected international airport in the country. It is quite easy method of getting Iran visa but its risk is just too high. This is because you may be denied entry for no tangible reason and you will have to return to your country. Iran visa on arrival is open to nationals of most European, Asian, and South American countries. Nationals of UK, US and Canada cannot opt for this visa type.

How to Get a Tourist Visa

Two options lead to getting Iran tourist visa. You either look for a reputable agent to do it for you or you do the application on your own.

Do It On Your Own

This method is cheap since you don’t have to pay any agent but you have to go through a consulate. Approval may take about 21 days but be careful as you fill out the Iran visa application form at the consulate office nearest to you. It is required that you attach your passport, photos, and the proof of your travel insurance before the application form is sent to the embassy. The embassy will forward your application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where it will be approved or rejected. When the application is successful and approved, you will be contacted to pick up your Iran visa at the location already filled in your application form.

Tour Company

Visa agencies run their services for a fee. Once you have done the needful, the tour company will run the visa application for you. You won’t have to visit the embassy like applicants who are doing it on their own. However, you will be requested to fill out an online generated form that collates your detailed information, travel plan, and location to pick up the visa when it is approved. Once this task is completed, the tour company handles the rest by ensuring that the information supplied gets to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval. Depending on the tour company contracted, the process may take 2 to 3 days. For example, if you apply for your Iran visa through 1stQuest you can get your authorization code in 2 working days. Application via tour agencies has a high success rate because they are professional Iran visa tour companies. You will surely get your authorization code once it gets to the tour company contracted for the task.

Iran Visa Extensions

You can have an extension to your Iran visa while you are on vacation in the country. It is not as difficult as many had thought but you have to visit the Police Department of Alien Affairs that is nearest to you. Do the cost few days before the expiration of the visa already issued to you if you really want an extension. But there should be a cogent reason for the extension or it will be turned down and you’ll have to go back to your home country. Once the reason for extension is cogent enough to warrant approval, you may be granted extension of 30 to 60 days. It is quite easy to extend your stay in major cities of Iran like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazd.