Over the past few years cruise holidays have become increasingly popular with couples and families desiring a relaxing break away. No longer are they associated with the retired, rich and famous, with each cruise line offering a different experience ensuring that there is a holiday to suit all personal tastes. Take in the beautiful sights, sunbathe on the deck, indulge in delicious meals and enjoy fabulous evenings of entertainment. Cruises offer everything you could possible need from a holiday and we are here to tell you how you can save money when you book a cruise online.

Have Your Ideal Cruise Holiday In Mind

With so many cruise line websites out there, it is essential that you know exactly what you want from your cruise holiday before you even begin searching for online deals. If you are going away with your family, agree on the places you would like to visit, the accommodation you require and your overall budget. The type of cruise you choose will vary depending on your situation. Families with young children will look for cruises which offer daily entertainment and activities on-board, whereas a couple on their honeymoon may prefer to go on an adult-only cruise. Once you have your ideal cruise holiday in mind, you can begin searching for your dream holiday online.

Make Use Of Comparison Websites

One of the most useful things to come out of the internet is comparison websites, which allow us to find the best deals on products, services and in this case cruise holidays! By simply filling in a few boxes detailing your requirements you can save yourself no end of time and money when it comes to booking your holiday. Once you have narrowed down the search you can easily compare the prices of cruise holidays for the dates you want to go away. The best money saving deals can be found on comparison websites and they could not be easier to use, with all the information you need located in one place.

Special Offers And Last Minute Deals

Once you have used a comparison website to narrow down your search, it is worth going to the cruise line’s website to see if they have any additional offers that you can take advantage of. Often cruise liners offer special online deals to customers, encouraging them to book online, rather than over the phone or at a travel agent. Although with most holidays you are encouraged to book well in advance of your travel date, you may find that you can save money by booking last minute cruise holidays.

Cruise liners are reluctant to set sail without reaching their full capacity, so are more likely to offer money saving deals on tickets nearing the departure date.

Watch Out For Package Deals

Although package deals are simple, as everything is provided for you, they may not be your cheapest option. If you are booking a fly-cruise holiday where you need to travel by air to the boarding destination, you may find that airlines offer cheaper tickets than what you will pay for in a package deal. Keep in mind that you may also want to book your own travel from the airport to the port as connecting travel lines can also be more expensive in package holiday bookings.


Thanks to the wide range of sources on the internet, it is now easier than ever before to save money when booking cruise holidays online. Comparison websites, online offers and last minute deals enable you to save money on booking your dream holiday from the comfort of your own home.


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