Thailand as a whole is already a popular destination for internationals to gather and experience the sunset views, full moon parties, excellent Thai cuisine and, of course, the nightlife that comes with it. One of the main reasons why Thailand is so popular among the younger generation is simply because it’s cheap and offers a different nightlife experience than anywhere else. If you’re thinking of going to party in Thailand or, more specifically, on the island of Koh Samui, have a look at some of the below spots that will better your overall experience.

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Tropics Beach Club

A tropical paradise, Tropics Beach Club will provide you with access to those white sandy beaches, loud music, excellent vibes, and a popular pool bar to keep you occupied. Although there are many beach clubs in this area, this could be the Koh Samui beach club for you. It offers a different atmosphere to most in terms of a chilled-out experience that once it gets going, will help you party until the early hours with other travelers from around the world.

Hard Rock Café

The American branded Hard Rock Café is very much a place that all the expats take advantage of while they visit. From good American cuisine to rock and roll music, it gives English expats a place where they can feel at home. The restaurant itself is filled with all the popular memorabilia from the likes of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, so you’ll definitely be at home knowing you have a place where you can meet and greet with people in very much the same position as you. This place isn’t open until late, but it will still give you a chance to enjoy their cocktails and music before you go off and enjoy a full moon party or something similar.

Bar Solo

Bar Solo is very popular among locals and tourists. It offers the ultimate nightclub experience in the sense you can party until your legs can’t take it anymore.  Bar Solo is popular among cocktail lovers, as they serve them for a fraction of the cost and they will keep the party flowing all night long. Bar Solo continues to be one of the top nightlife attractions and if you’re looking for that beachfront party experience, you should add this to your list of clubs to visit. This is the ultimate Ibiza-style party location for all tourists – so if you want a chance to meet new people and possibly build new friendships on out-of-order drunken behaviour, this is the club for you.

It’s hard to find good party locations wherever you decide to go these days, but the island of Koh Samui offers a completely different experience. It doesn’t matter where you start because you’ll always end up in party central. The above locations are just some of the places where tourists from all over the world choose to spend their evenings, and there’s nothing from stopping you from doing the same.