If you have just purchased a new vehicle, no secret you don’t want to “kill” it with a couple of thousand miles trip. At the same time, one of the most common reasons why people prefer renting a car for long trips is money – there is a belief that rentals in the end appear to be cheaper. We addressed this issue in the article below to help you deal with this tough choice.

The more mileage a car has, the lower its market price is. So in case you are planning to resell your vehicle in the future, be aware that a new Ford Edge will drop between $400-$1000 after a long trip (the long trip in this case is the one over 3000 miles). Don’t also forget about the importance of maintenance and check-ups for a car before and after a long trip. Automotive experts say that on average you spend around 5.3 cents per mile on maintenance needs. So calculate what your expenses will be if you decide to travel on a newly bought car.

Now let’s take a look at rentals. Here we will look at prices for reliable and reputable vehicles so that you compare equal cars for rentals and taking yours. As an example we offer you BMW 7 and Ford Edge. For a round trip you are likely to spend around $300, but this is pretty low price only due to the coupons and special offers that you might find. Otherwise, don’t rely on such low figures.

By this moment we didn’t clarify which option is better: driving your new Ford Edge or renting a BMW 7 instead because the spends appear to be more or less equal. If you consider renting a vehicle, your goal is to find a car that will offer better fuel efficiency, otherwise the rental is useless. If you take a petrol vehicle, don’t expect to save. But if you opt for gas or diesel motors, you can save pretty good money there.

Another point about rentals and travelling with your Ford Edge is price that you pay. We had a look at precise numbers, but the difference also lies in the fact that with rental you pay once and for all price when get the keys from the rental service. If you travel with your own car, this spending may last long because your maintenance and repairs, should any be required, will take place after you get back from the trip. Furthermore, you never know what may happen in the trip, so can’t actually calculate the total sum needed. The draw line here is that with rentals you always know the amount of money you spend, but it must be spent here and now. With taking your Ford Ede on a long run you never know when and how you will have to pay back.

The final word – think about your current situation and the pros and cons of every option. Of course, if you can take a low cost plane and there get a new BMW 7 for the rest of the trip, that you would be the smartest idea.


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