Do you like to travel the globe? If so, here is a far away journey that will give the best adrenaline rush you could have. Explore the backdrop for the most popular series on cable right now known as “Game Of Thrones.” You will get to the territory where the show is played out and the biggest stars roam to bring you the greatest performances of their careers. You can do it all by getting 4×4 luxury car rentals Iceland. Being able to bask in the glow of something iconic while riding in luxury will really enhance your experience. This will be a trip to remember, and you can have official bragging rights as to where you went in Iceland.

Driving Through the Countryside

Taking a drive through the countryside of Iceland will be a fun experience. You will get to see nature at its best and experience the sites that this beautiful region has to offer. You can see geysers, Blue Lagoon, and even the Gullfoss. The town has two museums called Saga and National. It is there that you can look at the Nordic history of Iceland and get lots of commentary on the Viking era that everyone finds to interesting. There might even be some medieval history that would explain why Game Of Thrones chooses to shoot in that location. Exploring the town of Reykjavik, where most of the people live and conduct business on a daily basis, can provide information about some of the most famous kingdoms to ever exist. You probably will not find a dragon in the city, but you could talk to some locals who might have found themselves being extras in the series.

Driving around and getting to see the scenery has its advantages. Who knows? You may end up picking up a guide that will show around and take you to the icy spots where all of the battle scenes took place and where Cersei did her walk of shame. You might find some old towering castles with breathtaking views from the roof of the entire area. Make sure to take plenty of pictures as you go on your fun-filled journey through the spots where Game Of Thrones depicted its characters, conquests, missions, and wars.

Traveling In the Waters of Iceland

You can sail out in the waters of Iceland, just like some of the characters in the show, to get the feel of how they got around during that period of time. Catch the thrill of the open water like a real Viking. If you do not know how to sail, you can find a guide who will either take you out on a cruise or an instructor to teach you how to do it. The waters of Iceland are very beautiful and hard to resist. There is such a calm and peaceful sea. You will not find hot temperatures here. Even the summers are bit cold. Make sure to take a good jacket before heading out as your body may not be ready for the chill. You will find yourself asking how did the cast and crew do it, especially when it snows. Just knowing that you can walk in their shoes for a little bit to see how they were able to pull off such a hit in the coldest of weather will bring an appreciation for their crafts. It just shows how actors go to great lengths to “wow” the audiences that love them.

Acting Out Some of The Scenes Yourself

You and your traveling companion could have loads of fun going out to where some of the scenes were shot and try acting out a few of them yourself. Maybe you want to park by the forest and do a fight (take safety precautions). By going and looking at some of the territories, you can either do some of the nonviolent scenes or create your own version of medieval play just to say you were in one of the spots that Game of Throne uses.

Plan your trip to Iceland today. Discover why tourists enjoy going to where the show is made and taking it all in. This will be an experience you will not soon forget. Happy travels!