In the early 20th century, when Roald Amundsen became the first man to conquer the South Pole, the newly independent Norway became known throughout the world. Small and proud of its Viking past, created between ice and sea, the Antarctic challenge was the ideal challenge for a Norwegian.

This long relationship of man and water is splendidly preserved in the fantastic triad of museums on the Bygdoy peninsula in Oslo with the Vikings Museum of the Vikings, the Kon-Tiki Museum – which tells the exploits of Thor Heyerdhal and the Fram Museum, with the ship that took Amundsen to Antarctica. The sea has also shaped the tender local cuisine – filled with fish such as precious crustaceans, salmon and the famous cod, and the dramatic sea arms that make the country famous. To explore the beautiful fjords of Sogn and Hardanger, the ideal base is the rainy Bergen, protected by high mountains and a large maze of islands. Among its parks, theaters and restaurants, the city houses a heritage of humanity, Bryggen, a series of colorful wooden houses by the harbor.

Back in the capital, amid Munk’s torments and sculptural acrobatics in Vingeland Park, discover the lively nightlife with its crowded bars and colorful drinks. Not far from the city, know Nordic skiing. Instead of its alpine cousin, always downhill, here the modality divides sometimes in an agonizing rise and descends sometimes in the insane jumps of ramp.

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How to get

You may not have direct flight from your country to Norway. The easiest way to get there is through airlines that offer connections at airports like Frankfurt, London, Rome and Madrid. From these cities depart flights to Bergen and Oslo, the main gateways to the country. Alternatively, ferries leave from Sweden and Denmark.

The main port of the country, Gardermoen (OSL), is close to the capital Oslo. It is the largest air hub in the country, with flights to several European capitals. The most captioned companies in Norway are SAS and Norwegian. Alternatively, there is the Sandefjord (TRF), used by Ryan Air, and more distant destinations such as Trondheim and Bergen, both with services to the north of the continent, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

How to circulate

Traveling by car in Norway is one of the coolest ways to get to the most difficult places in the country, but it’s very expensive. In addition, winding roads and adverse weather conditions between December and May can make the life of the driver-tourist difficult. Then opt for closed tours that combine the use of boats, trains and buses to get to know the most charming corners of the country, between Bergen on the coast and the capital.


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