It is a fact that NU car rental is a well-known company offering car hire services and having offices throughout the United States. In the company’s car park, there are various classes and models of cars, as well as luxury cars, SUVs, and minivans.

To book the suitable car online, you need to do only 3 steps. Easy online car booking system makes car rental quick and easy! Besides, NU car rental can boast with budget prices on rented cars.

Now let’s have a look at rental conditions and rules of renting a car from NU in USA.


Insurance is a very important moment of hiring, as the rental manager is responsible for all damages caused to the car. Insurance from outside the US is not accepted. The daily rate varies depending on the type of a rented car (from$9.99 per day).

In addition, it is possible to rent the following equipment upon request: Child car seats – $10.99 and Navigation system – $11.99 per day.


All vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level as while renting in order to avoid refueling. Unlimited mileage is available when travel is only within California, Arizona and Nevada. When traveling outside these areas, the customer will be limited to 150 free miles per day with mileage accrual.

Age restrictions

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and a current personal credit card. Moreover, they also have to provide their home and local addresses, as well as two phone numbers where they can be reached. Those tourists, using cheap NU car rental in USA and being from 21 to 24 years will be charged an additional payment of $19.99 per day. No one under the 21 years old can rent a car here. One more interesting moment is that local tenants must provide their proof of residence, for example, a current utility bill.


If to speak about car rental terms, you should return it in time. Otherwise, a fee of 20 $ is charged for each extension of the lease term. Check every lime while signing the contract and ask all the arising questions in order to avoid any problems and misunderstanding.


However, under the company’s low prices many negative factors are hidden, unfortunately. In addition to good reviews of the company, there are also a considerable number of negative and even awful ones. The average rating of customers who used the services of this car rental office is 1.5 out of 5, and that aggrieves very much. Actually, there are disgusting reviews complaints mostly about the low level of service, incompetent attitude to customers and the inappropriate look of the car (both inside and outside). And they are getting more and more frequent.

So, as you can see, in any car rental there are pitfalls.  Be careful and attentive when choosing car rental in USA and don’t be too trustful!


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