Barcelona is famous for its art and architecture. Situated in the Catalonia region of Spain, Barcelona is one of the busiest places in the world. One literally needs to book in advance so that it would be easier to stay in Barcelona. Though it is a cosmopolitan area, Barcelona is one of the best places for nightlife as well as for tourism. To know more about Barcelona’s tourist offerings, one can visit the website of Partiesta- The party never stops in Barcelona

  • La Sagrada Familia is the topmost priority for any tourist visiting Barcelona. The unfinished church by Antoni Gaudi in 1882 attracts a lot of tourists. With breathtaking views and the most number of tourist visits, La Sagrada Familia is rated as the most viewed places in the world by several travel advisors.
  • Magic fountain show is the thing which should not be missed while visiting Barcelona or else one would regret it later. This water fountain was built in 1929 and is still working. The colourful lights, amazing music and the rhythm of the water makes a perfect view in which a person should not miss. One needs to book in advance as the timings and days are fixed. There are evening and late night fountain shows during winters and also in the weekends.
  • Picasso museum is another tourist place which has its own history. Famous artist Pablo Picasso moved to Barcelona in 1895 and stayed there till 1904. The earliest sketches and paintings of Picasso can be seen in this museum. The most famous paintings are not here, but the ones which inspired Picasso and his first paintings are exhibited in this museum.
  • If you feel like going on a long walk, then do go to La Rambla Street or better known as Las Ramblas. Though this is not that spectacular or anything it is a beautiful street which starts from central square Plaza Catalunya and ends in Columbus Monument. One of the best way to pass time would be strolling around and enjoying the view of nature in this street.
  • If you want to see the medieval side of Barcelona, then do visit the Barrio Gotico city. You can see traces of the Roman culture there. It still has beautiful old churches and markets which are still operational. One cannot travel here in vehicles as the streets are narrow. Seeing the city on foot would give you a better idea of the city and the history of Barcelona. The city has no restrictions to visit nor are there any dangerous places. Barcelona is one of the simplest city and yet an attractive city to visit.


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