If you are planning for a nautical vacation, the Caribbean islands should be your next stop! The islands of this region, especially, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, are some of the most spectacular sailing destinations that draw tourists in huge numbers every year.

One of the larger groups of islands that offer the best of what the Caribbean is known for- white beaches, azure seas and tropical climate are the British Virgin Islands. The BVI is a British Overseas Territory and is located to the east of Puerto Rico with the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean surrounding it.

Since the 1960s, BVI sailing vacations make for most of the islands’ economy. Also, plenty of deep water island hops and favorable anchorage spots make these islands the perfect getaway for people with an affinity to the sea.

Why the British Virgin Islands?

While planning for a holiday, you might find yourself asking the question- “Why should I go for BVI sailing vacation amongst all other islands in the Caribbean?”

To answer the question, we must know a bit about these islands. BVI consists of four principal islands of Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada with around fifty other smaller islands. These larger islands offer an amalgamation of sceneries and quaint beach bars and restaurants, while smaller uninhabited islands give you a chance to discover their untouched beauty during your BVI sailing.

The islands are a tropical haven and let you soak in a beautiful mix of British and West Indian cultures. There are beaches dotted with palm trees, tiny villages and beautiful forest trails. Also, BVI sailing vacations give tourists an opportunity to discover coral reefs, various coves and thousands of underwater plants and animals on their visit to these islands.

Types of boats you can avail for a trip to BVI:

If you are going for a trip to BVI islands, renting a boat is the first prerequisite. A boat gives you the option to explore each island of BVI more freely. Also, the many harbors of these islands make travelling by sea more convenient than any other way. Thus most tourists opt to go for sailboats from various BVI sailboat rentals to explore the islands.

A sailboat is ideal for a comfortable and relaxed cruising holiday. However, if you are a speed lover, a motorboat will be better suited for your needs. You can opt for both a British Virgin Island bareboat charter and a crewed charter to sail the waters. Chalk out an itinerary, based on the islands you want to visit, and you can have a boat at your disposal to carry out your plans.

How to avail the boats?

BVI sailing is an important part of people’s livelihood on the islands. Thus you can charter and rent various kinds of boats (with or without crew) from the numerous rental places on the islands. However, it is best to rent your boat in advance, because BVI sailboat rentals see a surge every year during peak season and it may become difficult to get the boat of your choice.