When you think about spending some quality time with your partner than what comes to your mind? If we are not wrong then you think about Dead sea, beaches, beautiful mountains and many more. After wedding, if you want to create your special movements with your partner in tiny city then northern Israel is the best choice to spend this romantic time with your partner.

Luxury suites in northern Israel you can stay here in more comfortable which are better than hotels and resorts. You can stay in one of these cities i.e.

  • Banias, Caesarea
  • Capernaum, Golan Heights
  • Haifa
  • Megiddo
  • Metula
  • Nahariya
  • Nazareth

In luxury suites in northern israel gives you all the comfort that you want in your romantic vacation. These suits are self caring and romantic. You can also book here private suites that give you all the comforts that you want to spend in this quality time.

When should you visit there?

Usually you can visit northern israel and enjoy luxury suites in northern israel anytime but the summer season and the spring season are the best time to spend this quality time.

May to September is the summer season. During this season you need not to worry about rain. Because there is no chances of rain in this period and you can enjoy your visit freely. Days will be hot in this season but you will feel refresh in the evening.

The second best time is April to may which is spring season. The spring season in northern israel is usually very short but you can enjoy the sudden shower. This period for the couples is very romantic and seizing.

Which services you can avail here?

Eden boutique provide different services for the different types of suites. All the services provided by luxury suites in northern israel are very cost effective and budget friendly. You can avail the following services:

  • Terrace, kitchen and garden in public areas.
  • Pool and spa services like steam room, sauna, massage, Hamman , indoor pool and spa etc.
  • Rooms are sound proof, air conditioner and non smoking.
  • Free Wi-Fi facility is available at public places.
  • On site parking facility without reservation is available.
  • Indoor pools are also available for your romantic visit.
  • You can do other activities like horse riding, quad biking, jeeps bicycle rides and many more activities.

Why should you choose luxury suites in northern israel?

These suits are very comfortable and budget friendly as compare to hotels and resorts. You can get separate private suite where you can spend your romantic time without any disturbance.

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