Are you looking for a vacation that will blow all other vacations out of the water? Have you been looking for a trip that will give you memories to last a lifetime? The beautiful Norfolk Island has so much to offer that you’ll be sure to have an amazing time no matter what your vacation style. Here are a few ways Norfolk Island can be your destination for a trip you’ll never forget.

Living History

After being discovered by Captain James Cook, the island was turned into a penal colony in 1788 and has since developed a well-earned reputation for hospitality and warmth. The island is full of cultural and historical sites that will fill you with wonder as you see exactly how far the island has come since its initial colonisation. Visit the many museums around the island to give you an in depth look into the long and sometimes dark history, or visit any one of the restored homes and villages to get a real feel of stepping back in time. If you’re a history lover, this island will have more than enough to keep you busy.

Experience the Outdoors

If you’re more of a nature lover, than Norfolk Island will be a great stop for you. Between its amazing lagoon speckled shoreline or the 60 plant species not found anywhere else in the world, there’s more than enough to entertain you during your stay that will make you memories for a lifetime. Even though the island is comparatively small, a large percentage of it is actually National Park and there are so many various botanical gardens and walking trails that you’re sure to be kept busy whilst enjoying everything mother nature has to offer.

Amazing Accommodations

When it comes time to finding the perfect place to stay, Norfolk Island is full of gorgeous hotels and resorts for you to choose from. Having the most exclusive fully serviced cottages on the island, Governors Lodge Resort Hotel is an amazing way to experience the best of the islands nature all from the comfort of a highly rated resort with all possible luxuries. Additionally, you can guarantee an amazing meal from their on-site fine dining restaurant located in their incredible gardens. Visit now to see just how amazing you vacation can be.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or opulence, Norfolk Island has something for everyone, making it the ideal destination for vacations and family time. Between its amazing natural wonders to its incredible dining and resort options, this is a place to make dreams come true. Do some research and start planning the trip of a lifetime now.


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