Are you in a bit of a rut? Are you looking to do some travelling but don’t really know where you wish to go? You are not alone. Many people find it hard to go on journeys which are truly memorable, instead picking locations which are cheap or simply offer a good party atmosphere.

However, with the help of a travel list, you could easily make it a bit easier to travel around and actually enjoy the journey, taking something back from the stress of the trip. Coming up with a list, though, might seem like a huge time waster – something you will never follow-through on.

While it might not seem like it, travel list ideas will always make sure you can really improve the standard of your travel. If you travel without a list of things to achieve or do, it’s easy to fall into a trap of just spending the whole time abroad in the one place. If you need some help in coming up with travel list ideas, then, we’ve got some very useful ideas for you below. How, then, can you craft the most memorable journey possible?

Make it personal to you

The worst thing that you can do is just take from another travel list. You are not the same person as that individual. That does not mean that you cannot get inspiration and ideas from a travel list. However, you should not look to just go there because X influencer or Y blogger said it was a cool place to go.

Instead, make it personal to you. You would get a lot more out of going to visit, say, a war memorial in Normandy as an ex-soldier than you would going to some big sporting stadium because someone said it was cool – even though you hate sports.

Follow your heart, not trends.

Create lists for various times of year

A good way to make up a travel list that you actually want to stick to is all about making sure it’s built on a time of year. For example, if you love soccer you need to keep your trips in the traditional soccer season. Otherwise, you would not be getting the match day experience – and it’s much less enjoyable simply doing the tour.

Make up your lists so that you can be more specific to each season. For example, you could go on a skiing trip in the winter to a location that you love in Switzerland, and in the summer you could take a trip to the highest spot in the Algarve, Portugal. Don’t confine your list to one time of the year – it does not allow for enough variety.

Build a list with honesty

Among the most common mistakes we see with people building up a travel list is being dishonest with what they want to achieve. For example, lots of people will spend a lot of time adding popular jaunts to their list – things they would never really want to do in the first place but think it would be cool to see.

Not interested in the Great Pyramid? Then don’t go. Your list is going to be much more enjoyable if you make it applicable to what you actually like feel like doing. Start jotting down things you think are a fad or trendy, and you can cut them out of your mind. In fact, starting off by writing down what you don’t want to do is a great way to make your bucket list a bit more enjoyable to write – and read.

Keep this in mind, and you should find it a bit easier to start building up a bucket list that matters to you. Just remember that you have no need to copy someone else, and that you should never close the door on a travel list: you can always come up with new dreams and inspirations, after all!