When people mention Asia, they usually mean east Asia. The continent is obviously very large: it spans from areas in the Middle East all the way to Japan. It includes parts of Russia as well as all of India. It is a massive continent that has some of the most diversity in the entire world. East Asia in particular is very diverse and exciting. That part of the world has always fascinated and intrigued the western world. Traveling around Europe and the United States is great, but there is nothing that can match east Asia. When a UK citizen goes on holiday in Canada, much of the culture is different, but a large amount is also similar. When you go to east Asia, almost everything is different. It’s an entirely different world with vastly different cultures and a very diverse history. If you want to truly understand it, you have to tour around some of the best parts of Asia. If you’ve never been before, you might not know where to go, what to see, and how to get around.

Where to Go

Knowing where to go in Asia is sometimes difficult, but with the help of professionals, you can find great destinations. These destinations should hit the tourist hot spots that attract millions of people every year, but they should also include some lesser-known areas. In many ways, the tourist locations are designed to appeal to many people who are from the west. That means they will likely appeal to you but they do not necessarily capture the authentic east Asian culture. If you want to experience life in east Asia as it is for millions of people, you should go to less well-known places. To do that, you’ll have to rely on experts who design bespoke tours. Backyard Travel tours of Asia are designed to appeal both to people who have experience in Asia and those who do not.

The Best Tours

The best tours are put together by people who have been to Asia frequently. Ideally, they will be experts who live and work in Asia as well as spend their holidays there. Someone who lives there will know the types of places that really capture the best of east Asian culture. They will be places that locals frequent and spend their time when they are working or enjoying themselves. Furthermore, experts in the region will be able to advise you based on your budget. That is why you should only work with tourism guides who will design bespoke tours. Some companies have tours of east Asia but they do not tailor each tour for the individual tourists. They will have one-size-fits-all tours based on many different criteria. You deserve a tour that is designed specifically for you. A tour designed specifically for you can cater to your interests as well as your budget.

Some parts of Asia are more expensive than others and that’s especially true for the tourist districts. If you want to stick to a strict budget or itinerary, you need to have the tour designed carefully by experts.



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