Gorillas are the one of the most beautiful creature of the nature. They are hard to find these days in forest. But there they are easily found in the forest of Uganda. You can reach there and book for the forest committee and other help to explore the forest areas of the Uganda. Gorillas are the herbivorous apes that inhabit in the forests of the green central Sub-Saharan Africa. They are considered to be the next closest living relatives of the human beings after the Chimpanzees and bonbons also it has been conclusion that their DNA is closely similar to the human’s DNA with marginal differences. This is one of the reason that All species (and sub-species) of gorilla are declared as Critically Endangered animal of the forest and extra initiatives has been taken by the government to protect the species. For the conservation of the animal even The Gorilla Agreement has been drafted which is practically the first legally binding instrument which exclusively targeting for the protection and conservation of gorillas; it came into effect on 1 June 2008.

Gorillas always prefer to live in groups, which is called troops. And Troops tend to be made of one adult male or and multiple adult females along with their offspring. In a couple of years protection and conservation of Gorillas have gain a huge popularity among the people by way of several media reports. They are subject matters of some popular and highly earned movies like King Kong, Tarzan etc. To make the bridge of understanding between the gorillas and human a concept of Gorilla trekking tour has been introduced which not only bring awareness among the people to protect the species but also create a source of income to the government and to the individuals who are part of the project. Income from the gorillas trekking tour has been utilized for the conservation of the Gorillas species. Uganda and Rwanda are the two countries, which consider Gorillas Trekking tour as one of the main source of their economy.

In Uganda there are two national park for gorillas trekking namely as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park and in Rwanda there is one Volcanoes National Park. Although Uganda Gorilla Tour can be conducted any time in the year in Uganda & Rwanda but majority of the tourists prefer to visit from June to September or somewhere between the end of December and till the February. Gorillas are generally found in high-altitude forests, where they mainly prefer to eat leaves and shoots. One of the major difficulties, which are faced by the WWF, is how to monitor them being wild in nature and also with a short of fund and manpower. One thing that should be kept in mind while travelling to Uganda is the climatic condition. There is cold climate most of the time so you must carry the jackets and boots for you to prevent from the cold condition. You should get health check before going to the Uganda and have the safe and fun journey.


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