Ever wondered how those stunning Turkish photographs from some hidden bays and wonderful water-hill contrasts come from? Most probably they come from sailors that chose yachting in Turkey and got to see some unimaginable beauties that Turkey is full of.

Set sail on the well-known Blue Cruise, along Turkey’s glorious Turquoise Coast on your very own yacht. Luckily, yacht charter Turkey is now more available than ever.

Once you choose your yacht – your home for the holiday, the Turkish coast will easily become a true escapism.

Imagine spending the day swimming in a clear blue water – all mixed up with some great parties on the island hideaways and maybe even spicing your time on a yacht with some traditional Turkish meal – a dream combination.

If your perfectionist character doesn’t want to leave home before making an exact itinerary of places to see, we suggest starting your sailing from Fethiye and a route that goes east and then north.

Kapi Creek, Asi Koyu, Marmaris, Cleopatra Bay: A trip Worth Memorizing

After setting down to Fethiye and exploring its beauties, for the time-sake, you better hurry up and head up to Kapi Creek, set only 15 miles away from Fethiye – and worth seeing. Although the winds here can be challenging, you better get used to it: you will meet variety of winds as you sail up to your next stop: Asi Koyu. Rounding up the Peksimet island and an hour sailing on open sea, if you are lucky you can see the dolphins. The bay of Asi Koyu is created for a whole day swim and getting some tan on the lovely intimate beach set on the bay.

While these two stops seem to be pretty uncrowded, you may want to catch up some touristy atmosphere. If true, head up westward to Marmaris, a home to a great marina rich with all the facilities you can imagine: swimming pools, restaurants, and lots of nightclubs. When you get here, you will simply want to do like the tourists do. Spending the night in Marmaris just to catch some wild night life seems like a great idea before continuing your sailing trip.

After a great time spent at the most touristy place in Turkey, a short trip north of Marmaris will take you to the beautiful Cleopatra Bay, also known as the Ruin Bay,

The views you will see are probably much more than you expected: the amphitheater, the Roman ruins mixed with light green olive trees, and ultimately: the best beach you’ve ever seen – will leave you speechless.
Anyhow, the best-of at this bay appears to be the beach, full of brilliant sands that are non-existent anywhere in the Mediterranean. The legend that you will probably hear from any local you ask is that Marcus Antonius brought the sand from Egypt when he came here for a honeymoon with his lover Cleopatra. The science, however, has proved that this sand is made of broken seashells.

If you got enough for the week, sailing back in Fethiye and deciding about the next day’s stops while sun-gazing and enjoying a good swim – sounds like a great idea.
After all, Turkey’s horizons are big enough for each taste, so whatever you want to see and do – it’s only few nautical miles away.
Enjoy your sailing.


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