Along the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon in Tibet is a world of mystery and beauty. Many travellers have overlooked the wonders of the Tibet Hidden Falls, which are the subject of legends and myths of the local people.

What Are the Tibet Hidden Falls?

Tucked out of view from people, the Hidden Falls sit between the Tsangpo gorge’s rising cliffs. Covering 30m to 35m, the falls are idolised in legend and storytelling. It wasn’t until 1924 that the Western world discovered the natural beauty, as it’s certainly not in the easiest of locations. In fact, the falls are in Pemako, one of the sacred Tibetan Buddhist hidden lands (

Are Westerners Allowed to View the Beauty?

It’s taken a long time, but Westerners are now allowed to visit thefir forests, snowcapped peaks, and beautiful hidden treasures. It was in 1993 that the Chinese startedto allow Westerners in, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Tibet Hidden Falls were high on explorers’ lists. It was only then that the true beauty of the falls were known, as the explorers back in 1924 couldn’t work their way around it all due to the twists and turns of the mountains.

How Unstable Are the Hidden Falls?

The natural beauty is in the middle of moving tectonic plates. There are numerous landslides, earthquakes, and fissures throughout the year. If the winding river and hairpin turns weren’t bad enough, these natural elements certainly make for a thrilling and adrenaline-rushed ride. Trying to create permanent trails has become impossible, keeping the falls hidden from the majority of the world.

There is beauty in some of the most unsuspecting places. For years the Tibet Hidden Falls  ( were presumed to be nothing, because explorers couldn’t get there. However, this is a world of awe and serenity that you just can’t get anywhere else.


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