Travelling is a passion for many. It gives people an immense amount of happiness just the idea of going to a new place and exploring a new city. But it is also essential to consider the travel footprint one is leaving when you are visiting a place. Here are a few ways in which you can reduce your environmental impact while travelling.

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  1. Choose your travel medium

You should know the distance you are going to travel. Keeping that in mind, consider whether taking a bus or a train is viable. Aeroplanes are unavoidable when you have to travel far or overseas. But if you have the choice where you can choose another mode of transportation over aeroplanes, then go for that. Buses have recently started using renewable energy, and it reduces emission to as much 55% to 75% as compared to an aeroplane. Trains are best suited for environmental-friendly travel.

  1. Help Recycle

Before going to a place try to learn a few of their recycling processes. Also, try to get to know about the types of waste bins they use and how is waste dumped. It will help you in being able to reuse or recycle as much as possible, hence reducing your carbon footprint. Try to recycle and reuse paper products and plastics as much as possible. In case there is no way of recycling it, throw it in a proper place where there is an appropriate waste bin.

  1. Check on the water usage

Water is essential while you are travelling. It has multiple uses, and a bottle of water should always be there in your bag while travelling. It is suggested that you carry a reusable bottle of water. This avoids the plastic waste which would be dumped if you would have used the plastic bottles instead of the reusable ones. Also, keep in mind that you should not waste water by overusing it. Every place has limited water resources and being a tourist, you should try to use only as much is required.

  1. Do not overuse the hotel resources

Hotels have started keeping little notes for their lodgers about how much water should be used and how the room should be maintained. It has become prevalent, and you can easily ignore them. But adhering to the notes is essential. You should be responsible for using the resources offered by the hotel. Do not keep the tap water running or do not leave the shower on. Use only that much amount of water as is required.

If possible, use a bucket for taking a bath instead of using the shower. While leaving the room, do not forget to switch off the electrical. It is a common tendency noticed in the lodgers that they misuse electricity without thinking twice. Never forget to switch off the lights and fans when leaving the room. Treat the hotel as you would if it was your house. It would reduce your travel footprint to a great extent.

  1. Choose Public Transport

It is a known fact that travelling in your car is a more comfortable option. But if you are visiting a place where public transport is excellent and running and is a reliable medium, then it is suggested that you choose travelling by public transportation instead of a car. It reduces the number of private vehicles on the road, hence reducing carbon emissions. You would also be amazed by the variety you get to experience when travelling in a public mode of transport, for example, a bus or a subway. You see all kinds of people, and you hear all sorts of stories. But in case you want your freedom, book a bicycle or a motorbike for going around the place.

  1. Book a tour

One of the best ways to travel green is by signing up for a tour. For one thing, it reduces the travel footprint created by tourists to a great extent since the tour happens in groups. Hence the resources are used in a limit. You get to experience walking tours, bus tours, bike tours, boat tours etc. You get to enjoy the sights and also not worry about how to travel or where to travel. Individual sightseeing is fun but going on a tour visit is even more excellent when it comes to gaining a memorable experience and reducing your travel footprint at the same time.

Have an eco-friendly tour and a great time!