Bangkok is sometimes considered to be one of the best cities in the world, and not just the best city in Thailand. If you are coming into the capital from another part of the country or from outside Thailand, it is almost guaranteed that your first visit will convince you of the same. Nonetheless, aside from being mesmerized by all the colors of the city, the accommodation is also very important to shape one’s experience here, and on that note, here are four of the top districts in Bangkok to find the best hotels in.


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A place of corporate business within skyscrapers by day, and a thriving district of street life by night, Silom is the ultimate place to find a hotel if you are looking for a place to set up your bachelor camp, because after all, this is where the world famous Patpong red-light district is! Full of go-go bars, brothels, street vendors, street performers, tourists and even some museums, Silom is a brilliant hotchpotch of many things that Bangkok is famous for. Keep in mind that in order to find the best hotels in the area, you will have to look for them on Sathorn Street.


This would be the best place in all of Bangkok to find quality accommodations, as long as you can afford some of the best services in the country. A much classier and safer place than Silom, finding a luxurious hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok can actually be confusing, given how many options there are in the district. However, thanks to Novotel opening business in Sukhumvit, the choice has become a lot simpler these days. As a pro tip, booking well in advance is recommended for both ensuring that you get a room and also to get it at a much more affordable price than what you would have to pay otherwise.

Siam Square

Bangkok is a shopping heaven for both street shoppers and mall hoppers, with Siam Square being the best place in town for both. It also hosts some of the best hotels in Bangkok, which are not quite at the same level as those in Sukhumvit, but are much safer and more reliable than most other locations in the city. Aside from the department stores and shopping malls, Siam Square has movie halls, Thai salons and Thai massage parlors to keep you relaxed and thoroughly entertained.

Bangkok Old Town

If you are not particularly fond of the go-go bars, massage parlors and other sinful aspects of the Bangkok nightlife, we recommend that you find a place in Old Town Bangkok. In sharp contrast to most other districts in the city, Bangkok Old Town is a religious, cultural and historical place, filled with monuments of the past and many grand temples. When you stay at one of the many Old Town villas, serenity is guaranteed for those that are looking for it.

Note that these are not the only options for quality accommodation in the whole of Bangkok, but depending on what kind of a vacation it is that you are looking for, choosing any one of the five districts that we just discussed is probably going to be the best decision you will make.