Alaska, with the glistening glaciers, breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, picturesque locations, and the native America culture is one of the better states as a tourist destination. Alaska is becoming one of the more popular states for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

The state offers some wonderful attractions to the visitors and provides an opportunity for the tourists to have a closer look at nature and its beauty. The state provides many options for the outdoor adventure lovers through its magnificent campsites and hiking spots.

Let’s have a look at some of the best camping and hiking spots in Alaska that are providing tourists with some astonishing visuals and of course the opportunity to explore the wildlife and Native American culture.

Quartz Creek Campground

Situated at the north of Delta Junction, Quartz Creek Campground provides the outdoor adventure lover with may possibly one of the best locations to set their camps and enjoy the adventure. The campsite is famous not only for its breathtaking visuals but also for it hiking opportunities. You can relax at the campsite by spending your weekend there fishing with your friends and indulging in various other fun-filled activities. There are many primitive campsites here, be sure to bring a weather resistant tent and warm sleeping bag.

Brushkana Campground

One of the most popular camping spots in Alaska, Brushkana campground boasts of not only some of the astonishing visuals but also for the numerous outdoor activities it provides to the visitors. Located in the Denali National Park, this campground provides an easy access for the campers to explore the wildlife and see the wildlife. Furthermore, some other amenities are also available such as car renting, tent campers, RV’s, public toilets that can make the camping easy.

Hidden Lake Campground

Hidden lake campground is one of the well-maintained campgrounds in the state of Alaska. The most prominent feature of this campground is the gorgeous visuals and its isolation. Located in Cooper Landing, the campground offers three loops of campsites. Although, there is a warning for bears in the summer but the breathtaking locales and the wonderful opportunities to explore the wildlife in this campsite, make it worth taking the risk.

Mendenhall Lake Campground

If you are looking for the best campsites to explore in Alaska, you shouldn’t miss out on exploring the Mendenhall Lake Campground. The massive glacier on the stunning Alaskan lake makes for the best visual you will ever see. Apart from the charming locales, there is plenty more fun and adventure filled activities for the outdoor adventure lovers to indulge in.

Chena River Lakes Campground

Chena river lakes campground needs to be on your list to explore if you are looking to enjoy your campin under the stars. The main features of this campground include spectacular visuals, plenty of adventurous activities, and the view of Northern Lights. The campground is located in Fairbanks.

If you are visiting Alaska and looking for ways to explore this beautiful state, do not miss out on any of the above-mentioned camping and hiking spots to make your trip m


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