The role of the Electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA) becomes immense when it comes to traveling to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Under this program, you need to apply for US ESTA Visa approval. It is administered by the U.S Dept. of Security and Customs. Since this authorized govt. agency handles every aspect of it, there is not much information available on the public domain. In order to have some knowledge about, you need to explore the following frequently asked questions.

Do I require ESTA despite having a visa?

It depends on the mode of your travel to the United States. If you are traveling by air or sea under Visa Waiver Program, then it is obligatory to have ESTA approved before entering into the country.  However, if you are intending to travel by land, there is no need for getting an Esta approval.

Can I pay the US ESTA on arrival?

If you have already got an approval of Esta, you need to pay before arriving the US. This confirms your arrival. However, before boarding on the flight you have to carry a proof of Payment of ESTA.

What are the costs associated with the Esta Application?

Here, the processing fee is charged on your application. And adding to that the authorization fee and i-visa service fee. A minimal amount of $4 for authorization fee and $10 for i-visa service. However, there is one important facet of Esta application. Once your application is denied, you won’t be reimbursed with the charged fee. Here, you need to be vigilant enough while filling the form and the information you are furnishing. Any discrepancy found, you Esta application will be denied.

Does the ETA guarantee admission into the USA?

Once you get your ETA approved, it only means that you are eligible to travel the concerned state, not the other parts of the country. Then it is left to the immigration officer to inquire the purpose of your visit and determine if your travel is eligible to the other parts of the country or not. The criteria that are earmarked for such is based upon the Visa Waiver Program under the aegis of the United States Law.

Visa vs ESTA, is there a difference?

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization and it is not a visa. And people who pose visa could travel to the United States for which the concerned visa is granted. And for this, they don’t require any travel authorization. Individuals who travel under the Visa Waiver Program, are required to have an ETA approval to make the visit legal.

Why was my ESTA denied?

The laws of immigration have gone through a complete overhaul since the catastrophic 9/11 incident took place. And the Custom and Border Protection (CBP) have become more vigilant regarding the entry of the visitors into the country’s territory. Hence, some perquisites have to meet the prescribed criteria set forth by the law.

Thus, a list of information given on the application form and you have to put a check mark as per your eligibility. Here, the possibility of getting an ESTA denial becomes more if you check on the wrong criteria that you are not eligible to. Some instances having past criminal records, carrying any communicable disease and etc. However, if you are denied on the wrong ground, then you can go to the DHS/TRIP website to file a request for reverting the denial processor you can approach the CBP directly.

“No Application Found!” That’s what it says while retrieving my application. Why is that?

After the submission of your Esta application, you need to keep track of exact information you have put into. And while trying to retrieve your application you need to put the same information as well. If the problem still persists, then visit and try again by putting the accurate information this time only.

What to do if my email says your visa is about to expire?

While applying for Esta you are required to give a valid email address for any official contact. And upon receiving such email, you need to go to the official Esta website and reapply.

The privileges granted under the US ESTA Visa surpasses many. However, before applying it will be beneficial to cover every aspect of it.