Delhi, the capital city of India always been the congregation of people belong to various culture and overseas land masses. The cultural capital is full of cafes, bars, cultural spots etc. And it is not new phenomenon that why such surprising agglomeration happens every day. From breath-taking monuments to the dazzling nightlife, you will definitely be thrilled upon experiencing this. However, this is not it. There are a number of activities, you can add to your bucket list while touring such wonderful place. Get your Indian visa application approved and set out on a journey to experience these memorable itineraries.

Book lovers
Want to spend some alone time and have no place to go? Then here I have shortlisted some of the places where you can spend your time. Book cafes make one of the unique things to experience in Delhi. Imagine reading your favorite book while munching cake or sipping coffee, simply spending a quiet afternoon. Go for Cha Bar a book cafe where you get about 100 types of tea to choose from. If you want to have full-fledged menu then Cafe Turtle is your place. Just buy a book from Full circle bookstore and enjoy reading. You had made your day. With decent menu and beautiful interior, Ivy and Bean is another option for you. After a long day of exploring this beautiful city, you would definitely wind up at one of these places for a break.
Hauz khas
Recently rated one of the popular places to visit in Delhi is Hauz Khas. A beautiful lake with a fort enhancing its beauty, deer park, lane full of cafes, art galleries, boutiques, and bookstore add a zing to this place. A place full of activities which had made it one of the best picnic spots in Delhi.
Red fort- A light and sound show
This world heritage site has been the reminiscent of its glorious past. Situated at central part of old Delhi, this historic fort is built in red sand stone and planned according to the Islamic prototypes resembling the Moghul art works. From the beginning, it has been the centre of attraction for every visitor coming to Delhi to witness magnificent monuments. Besides this, the flag hoisting by the Prime Minister of India on Independence Day marks the celebration of its past freedom struggles. Adding to that, the in-built museum with the war memorabilia dragging the audiences all around the globe.

Lotus Temple

Notable for its lotus like shape, thIs place has been a prominent place to visit in Delhi. This temple is a Bahai House of Worship, which is open to all the religion without making any disparities. Here, thousands of devotees appear to this place to witness its magnificent architecture and have a peace moment of worship. The ardent believer give remark that every moment spent here lead them to the divine connection with the God.

Akshardham Temple

Alternatively known as the Swamynarayan Akshardham Complex , it is a Hindu Tempe with intricately carved with flora, fauna, dancers and deities. However, the center of attraction is the shrine present inside of the temple. This is the sole reason why it has become the most sought-after tourist destination in Delhi by far. Apart from that, there are some exhibition halls in its premises as well. As devotees turn to this very place in number making it the temporal home of God on Earth.

Regardless of the reasons you make a tour of India, Delhi is the destination you always want to have at the top of your list. Be it red fort or lotus temple, there are also numerous places that are worth looking at. And the heartening fact is that, by looking at the growing number of tourists every year, the Indian govt. is deploying substantial efforts to enhance its beauty and keep its serenity intact forever. If you are scouting for such places to visit, apply for Indian visa online and set out on a memorable journey.