Travelling to Darjeeling has always been on my wishlist. With the beautiful lake and the intense dense forests, this place is like an Indian heaven. When I reached Kolkata, I had to stay there for 2 days and then head further north. I was surprised to see the beauty that Kolkata imbibes you with. Even among the chaotic lanes and the humid weather, I couldn’t have enjoyed any place better with those perfect sweet dishes and cultural connect. Next morning, I checked my PNR status as my train journey was about to begin.

Starting from the Ramakrishna Mutt on the banks of Hoogli river to catching glimpse of the Victoria memorial and Kali temple, our train journey sufficed all the important tourist destinations in itself. As the journey progressed I felt myself connected with nature. Trying to sweep all my tensions away and spend my entire life in that one moment of emptiness. The weather during the journey was pretty humid which made us more excited to reach the north east. Eucalyptus trees accompanied us during the entire journey giving it an angelic feel.

From, Siliguri, the Teesta river was running alongside of us. It followed us through and also made me realise the amazing details in the blue water and the light golden brown sand. The striking view of pine wood trees and big gardens made me feel homesick. As I gathered myself together, someone pointed out the grand Rajbari palace that was visible through the train and I was mesmerized again. The route also involved various destinations like Rampur haat, Guwahati, Dibrugarh etc. Before I could take it all in, it was time to get off but the journey wasn’t  over yet. It was time to fulfill my childhood dream, get on a toy train. It was all green, red and yellow, just how I imagined. I was so excited as I boarded. Soon we reached our destination. It was definitely a journey that words could not do justice to. I don’t ever want to forget this feeling!



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