Singapore is an amazing destination that has much in store for all people. Whether you are here for a vacation, business or employment, you will have a lot to enjoy. You should visit and get your employment pass to Singapore today.

Those who have succeeded in obtaining a visa to Singapore can enjoy one of the top wildlife tours. The good news is that we have prepared a list of top destinations in Singapore. Read on to know more.

Singapore Night Safari

If you are a lover of nature and wildlife in particular, then this is one trip you should not miss. As a matter of fact, it is a spectacular trip for a family or a group of friends. You will get a chance to visit the park at night in an open van or tram. Some of the wildlife you will see includes leopards and other nocturnal animals. With an excellent camera, you will be in a position to capture some beautiful memories of the jungle at night. A tour guide will be with you to explain more.

Singapore Zoo

Not many people have had the opportunity to have breakfast with the orangutans. But, Singapore Zoo gives people an opportunity to do so in a memorable way. This breed of apes is part of a government program that attracts thousands of visitors every year. According to experienced tour guides, the best time to be in the zoo is the first half of the day. A visit also entails going around the whole zoo to enjoy more animals and endless fun.

River Expeditions in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best maintained fresh rivers without any pollution. Guided tours are conducted to ensure that all visitors get a chance to see animals drinking water, aquatic life and the experience of all the eight river habitats that support the wildlife. This tour takes about three hours of full adventure to see animals like the panda and many others.

Singapore Jurong Bird Park

Reports indicate that there are thousands of birds species across the world. No bird lover can exhaust watching and studying them. So, why not continue your exploration of birds at Jurong Bird Park. Apart from ornithologists, families and kids, in particular, will enjoy their trip to this park as they interact with about 9,000 colorful birds. It is a great break for anyone who wants to be away from the town museums and the animal zoo.

Pulau Ubin Mangrove Tour

If you want to make your wildlife tour more intense, then you will be successful when you visit the mangrove forest at Pulau Ubin. It is so quiet here that you can hear any slight noise from the birds and creeping animals. The beauty of using kayaks is that they do not disturb the habitat in any way as you paddle slowly and capture scenes with your camera.

Indeed, wildlife tours in Singapore are the best. Both you and the family will have a great time if you choose the tour well.


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