So, are you ready to plan your first trip to Las Vegas? You must have felt mesmerized to find the bright lights giving that glamorous look to the place. If you’ve planned to visit the Las Vegas strip, you must be pretty excited to go through this experience. Someone who returned from his 4th or 5th trip from Las Vegas will still keep exploring new things about this place. If you wish to make the most out of your Vegas trip, you have to follow few tips so that you don’t make any novice mistakes that spoil your trip. Take a look at this guide so that you may know what you can expect from your first visit to Las Vegas.

#1: If you thought places are too close to each other, you’re mistaken

Although the buildings that you find on the strip of Las Vegas appear to be pretty close to each other, the blocks are long enough and once you reach there, you’ll need to walk a lot in order to move around. If you expect to move out of your hotel at the eleventh hour thinking that you will reach your destination very soon, you won’t be able to do that as reaching anywhere fast in Las Vegas is not always possible. Don’t travel on foot if you plan to dine at the MGM Grand, visit the Treasure Island and then go for an evening show.

#2: Stay off the strip if you want to go cheap on hotels

If you’re looking forward to vacationing cheap, you may opt for discount vacations with Getaway Vacations as they offer you the best deals on hotels, flights and cars at any location that you visit. You may feel the urge to book a cheap hotel at the famous Las Vegas strip but once you do so, you’ll be outright disappointed. Experts recommend booking a hotel which is located right at the middle of the Strip as they are easier to book. Also make sure you choose your hotel based on the facilities offered like swimming pool, restaurant and entertainment.

#3: Don’t overpay for show tickets

No, there is just no valid reason to book show tickets by paying the full price as you will almost always be able to find out a discount on these. If you wish to get the most lucrative deal, you can book tickets on the official website of Vegas. There you’ll get rebates and discounts on the famous shows which include Cirque du Soleil tickets.

#4: Everything in Las Vegas is not expensive

At an initial glance, you may think that everything is costly in Las Vegas. But if you take a close look at the bigger picture, you will see that there are many simpler ways of saving money on almost everything. For discounts in hotel room, you are allowed to save up to 50% and there are sites which even give you rebates on day trips, tours and show tickets as well.

Hence, if you’re still confused about visiting Las Vegas, you shouldn’t think twice as this is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit. Just keep in mind the facts mentioned above so as to stay safe.


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