The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spain is the notorious Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona in summer. While Spain does love its fiestas, these are just a very small part of what the country has to offer.

Having visited Spain a few times, I got to experience doing all sorts of activities such as snacking on Yogur Griego con Frutas at McDonald’s, enjoying a fine dinner at the world’s oldest restaurant and paragliding in Andalucia.

There’s a ton of crazy things that you can enjoy here.

And I defintely believe that Spain is actually the most romantic country in the world.

There is something about the rolling R sound that sets hearts ablaze. It is literally a romance language, being part of the Indo-European language family.

If you want to learn Spanish the best way possible, I recommend immersing yourself in the culture of Spain.

From afternoon siestas to buildings with significant architectural heritage, Spain has an abundance of culture that you can readily absorb.

If you’re planning to visit the country soon, I created the ultimate travel guide for you.

Must-See Hotspots


A literal hot spot, Ibiza is an island on the eastern coast of Spain.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza offers numerous sunny, sandy beaches for maximum relaxation.

A popular tourist destination, Ibiza is well-known in pop culture for its nightclubs that brought the house and trance genres of music to the mainstream masses.

It was so fun at ibiza, it actually brought back memories when my friends and I hired a drawf to guide us through the streets of London.


On the banks of the Turia River, you’ll find Valencia. To locals, Valencia is known as the town that town that created paella.

Furthermore, it is home to the Las Fallas festival. An annual fiesta that celebrates the final days of winter and the arrival of spring.

Las Fallas is a five-day city-wide block party that culminates in the burning of life-size paper-mâché figurines known is ninots.


Barcelona is a well-populated city on the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Facing the Mediterranean Sea, it was the host city for the 1992 Olympic Games. More recently, Barcelona is best known as the home of the football team, FC Barcelona. Yes, we’re talking about Messi here.

Some of my friends were so football “crazy” when we were in Barcelona that we sought football betting tips from local bookies, to decide who would win between Real Madrid vs Barcelona, and let’s just say that whatever they said didn’t matter because I LOVE RONALDO – it’s just sad that he move to juventus recently. I guess I have to visit italy on my next trip.

An excursion to the Montserrat Monastery is a mountain-top abbey with stunning views of Spain.

After enjoying a long hiking trip, I highly recommend dropping by at the museum to take in the cultural sights that include paintings by Dali and Picasso.

Must-Try Foods


I think one of the top reasons why I keep on coming back to Spain is because of my love for paella. It’s an absolutely delicious meal. I love to cook paella when I invite my friends over for lunch.

So basically, it’s a rice dish that traces back to 19th century Valencia. It has saffron, rosemary and various types of seafood.

Other paellas can be vegetable or seafood-based.  It’s typically viewed as a lunch dish because Spaniards consider it too heavy for a dinner meal.

(Dinner hours generally start around 10 pm in Spain.)


When you go to Spain, you should never ever forget to try eating authentic tapas. Tapas are bite-sized appetizers typically served with cocktails.

It is difficult to pinpoint what exactly is in a tapa because the recipes vary wildly and almost every type of food can appear in them.

You might consider taking a Spanish Language tutorial prior to your departure because tapas are shared amongst the table as snacks between meals when most socializing occurs.

Crème Catalana

It would be remiss to make a food list without at least one dessert on it.

Crème Catalana is a burnt custard similar to crème brûlée, except it has orange zest and cinnamon in it.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Spain is the world’s third largest exporter of wine. So, it’s no surprise that Barcelona has a wine bar that features almost 400 different types of wine on its menu.

The rustic menu also includes Spanish and Mediterranean tapas.

Ole Ole Ole

Whether you’re planning on spending your time in Spain basking in the breeze off the Mediterranean Sea on the endless beaches or tour the rich history found in museums and landmarks, a Spanish Learning Program will elevate the authenticity of your experience to the next level.

A huge part of the culture of any country is the language spoken by its inhabitants. Nevertheless, the beauty of Spain will be understood regardless of which language you choose to use. I hope you enjoy visiting Spain as much as I do!