Whether the objective of your travel is business or leisure, a comprehensive travel insurance policy stands atop the list of ‘must-haves’. That’s because this kind of a policy covers you against damages and losses that might come up over the course of your trip and spoil some of the best laid plans.

With a travel insurance policy at your disposal, you’d have a financial net to fall back on in case of any unfortunate loss of baggage, trip delays, flight cancellations, emergency hospitalization or other such adversities.

That being said, similar to every other policy, a travel insurance cover has its own share of exclusions. These include the circumstances wherein you’d not be able to file a claim on your insurance policy. While it may be discomfiting to know this, reading the policy document in advance can hold you in good stead. Read on to know more about the most common travel insurance policy exclusions and inclusions:

  1. When you’re covered
  2. In case of trip cancellation

For most travellers, the primary objective to invest in a travel insurance policy is to stay financially guarded should they have to miss a trip. With trip cancellation coverage, you’d be recompensed for all prepaid and non-refundable trip related expenses.

The most common reasons include:

  • Illness, sickness, major injury or a death in the family that forced you to drop your travel plan
  • Bad weather
  1. In case of a medical emergency

Most travel insurance policies, including domestic travel insurance plans, are built-in with emergency medical treatment and urgent medical evacuations benefits should you fall sick or sustain an injury while travelling.

  • Emergency medical benefits can provide you adequate coverage against an array of expenditure resulting from a sickness or injury that you sustain over the trip. This comprises of doctors’ fees, ambulance charges, hospitalization expenses amongst others.
  • Emergency evacuation is another component that ensures arrangement of immediate shifting to the nearest hospital or evacuation in case of crisis situations and medical, environmental, or political emergencies.
  1. In case of a travel delay

Need another reason to buy travel insurance? Most policies are comprehensively designed in order to accommodate more than just medical emergencies and cancellations. They also cover you if your flight is delayed (because of factors out of your control, including inclement weather or a mechanical breakdown) or you miss the connecting carrier.

  1. In case of loss of baggage and other valuables

The coverage for your personal items comprises of damaged/lost luggage and other belongings (including passport) if they are damaged or lost due to factors not under your control. More importantly, some insurers also arrange for a temporary passport and set of documents so that you aren’t disadvantaged over the remainder of your trip.

  1. When you are not covered
  2. In case you left your belongings unattended

While most travel insurance policies will cover you for damaged or lost items/luggage, you cannot hope to be entertained if you left your belongings unattended at an unsecure location or with people you didn’t know.

What can you do?

Either keep your belongings with yourself at all times or lock them away in a secure spot that is off-limits for people.

  1. In case you claim against unapproved/pre-existing medical conditions

You should not harbour the idea of getting coverage if you got yourself medically treated for a condition that you already had or one that is not included in the policy document.

What can you do?

It is thus advised that you inform the insurer, hands on table, of every medical condition that you suffer from. Honesty is a virtue, more so in insurance, wherein the insurer would run a thorough background check on you before approving your claim and releasing the sum.

  1. In case you sustained damages because of reckless behaviour

The insurer retains the absolute right to reject your claim should it be proved, beyond doubt, that the damages were a result of you having indulged in reckless activities. You may have had lost the baggage that contained all your valuables; but you wouldn’t be covered at all should you have been inebriated at the time of the mishap.

What can you do?

Don’t drink beyond permissible limits for it to cloud your sense of judgement. Know the situations wherein your reckless and unwise behaviour might lead to a rejection of your claim.

  1. In case you participated in high-risk activities

You might want to satiate the wild adventurer in you and accordingly move ahead with your first stint in bungee-jumping. However, chances are such high-risk sports and other activities would be out of your travel insurance coverage ambit. This applies to claiming against injuries, sickness or financial damages resulting from loss of items/equipment.

What can you do?

Make sure that the sporting activities you’d want to engage in are covered by your travel insurance policy.

Besides, travelling against warnings issued by the government and flouting traffic rules are expected to land you in a jam wherein your policy would stand invalid and your claim rejected.

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