About half way along the westerly shore of the Cape Peninsula in the Western Cape of South Africa you will find the small town of Kommetjie. It’s a wonderful place that is popular all year round with tourists and locals alike. It is a town that many visits but few know what to expect before they arrive. So just what is there to do in Kommetjie?

Surf and more surf

Top of the list for things to do in Kommetjie has to be surfing. The ocean is one of the big draw cards of Cape Town in general and Kommetjie has some of the best surfing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Getting out on the water on a general surfboard, windsurfer or even with a kite is by far the number one thing to do in Kommetjie. From the novice to the pro, the amazing coastline of the town has great surfing or water sport opportunities for all.

Under the water

As said, the ocean is one of the big draw cards for Cape Town and it is just for those who prefer to be on the surface riding the waves. Cape Town has plenty of diving and snorkelling opportunities and one of those is Kommetjie. The underwater Kelp forests off the coast of Kommetjie are well known for the beauty and divers flock to see these natural wonders.

Fishing and Wildlife

For those who love fishing Kommetjie has waters that contain a wide variety of fish. The blend of kelp and rocks makes the waters perfect for crayfish and perlemoen as well as many different fish that can be caught from the shore or simply snorkelling.

Furthermore, the birdlife in the area is a must for anyone birdwatchers out there and some say there is nowhere more peaceful to simply sit back and watch the birds and the ocean than Kommetjie.

Lighthouses and Shipwrecks

What would a spectacular beach be without a light lighthouse and a ship wreck?  Kommetjie has both nearby, the light house at Slangkoppunt is well worth a visit and makes a wonderful photo opportunity. Likewise, the wreck of the Kakapo, a Danish rigger filled with coal that grounded in May 1900 is a fascinating sight to see on the coast of nearby Noordhoek and something kids will love to see.

Imhoff Farm

Talking of Kids, perhaps the most well-known thing to do in Kommetjie is Imhoff Farm. This wonderful, family friendly attraction is open all year round. With a variety of arts and crafts on display for viewing or buy, plenty of animals for the kids to see and some wonderful places to eat Imhoff Farm is a place anyone heading to Kommetjie must visit.  Oh yes, don’t forget the camels!  Imhoff Farm is famous for its camel rides and this makes any visit to Kommetjie extremely memorable!

Where to Stay in Kommetjie?

This write up was brought to you by Kommetjiebeachretreats . Kommetjie Beach Retreats is website providing various houses available in Kommetjie that you can rent.  Houses include Misty Mornings, Sea Breeze, Rubi Road, Aloe Cottage and Seafoam.  If you need more information on places to stay in Kommetjie then visit the above link.