If you think you are doing really something very serious, you need to take a holiday. Having said that, we mean, breaks from the mundaneness is important as it rejuvenates you with new energy and helps you get back to the work with a fresh perspective. Simultaneously, it gives the much-needed rest to the body that churns out every day. All those out together indicates that while holidaying or visiting a place on a personal or professional reason, you should choose the best hotel that your money can buy such as the Palms Motel Dubbo in Australia.

Now, the question that naturally comes to your mind what makes a hotel perfect for accommodation. Well, there are no fixed criteria here. It all depends what your priorities are at the destination. On a holistic basis, taking care of the following points before checking in a hotel can be rewarding as experienced by travellers worldwide.

Airport pickup and drop facility: Airport pickup and drop facility provided by a hotel can be a deciding factor to many of you especially when you are visiting a new place or even a new country. You will reach probably not knowing anyone there and as such, a service like this plays a pivotal role when choosing your hotel for the itinerary.

Car parking: The hotel you choose to stay must have a well-organised car parking. Wondering how does it help to stay in a hotel? Well, ask any frequent traveller for his experience here. We are sure you too will realise the importance of a car parking when booking a hotel in advance. This is especially crucial when you travelling in a car and you have an itinerary stretched over several weeks.

Free WiFi: While away from home, you would like to keep in touch with your family and friends. This helps you to stay in touch with them thereby eliminates their concern for you. At the same time, the pleasure of visiting a place gets doubled as you could share your experiences through images and video clips online, for instance. You can update your social media handles regularly thereby let the world know what’s up there at your end. In other words, free WiFi is a kind of boon that a traveller likes to have at the hotel as it helps you to support the budget as well.

Amenities: Clean room, linen and toiletries are equally important to make your stay comfortable. On top of this, furniture and fixtures of a hotel to contribute your happiness there.

Restaurant and bar: Your hotel must have a good restaurant and bar offering continental and the local dishes so that you can witness the ecstasies of the both to your heart’s content.

Booking convenience & Congenial staff: Your hotel should have a booking convenience such as online booking and online payment options for a hassle-free experience. The hotel staff must be courteous and amicable for a memorable stay.

Likewise, it depends on one’s convenience with regard to a perfect hotel.


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