The Ipoh City is located in Northwestern Malaysia. It is also known as the gateway to the Cameron Highlands hill station. It is the capital city of the Malaysian state called Perak. It is considered the third largest city in Malaysia.

There are many reasons to book an Ipoh hotel in town. For one, the city has an abundance of tourist sites to visit.

Unique Museums

Ipoh is known to have a lot of quirky and interesting museums to visit. You can find one that is wholly dedicated to a Malaysian film producer known as Yasmin Ahman. Another museum showcases miniature Chinese figurines to feature scenes from ancient China. You may also check out the Geological Museum which is one of the most comprehensive museums in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Oldest Cave Art

One of the best reasons to visit Ipoh is the chance to see in person some of the country’s oldest Neolithic cave paintings. The Tambun Cave has a limestone rock face that is covered with red-orange shapes. It has been estimated to date back between 2,000 and 5,000 years ago. You can look closely at the cave paintings and find human, animal, and fruit shapes. Only the locals and a few people know about these historical paintings.

The Best Food Scene That’s Not in Penang

Only a few tourists and outsiders know that one of the best reasons to visit Ipoh is the food. The Lonely Planet describes Ipoh as the lesser known food capital of Malaysia. Ipoh has food courts, hawker stalls, and restaurants that have been serving recipes for decades now. Any food lover may be able to experience an extraordinary culinary experience. One thing you have to try is the bean sprout chicken and the Ipoh white coffee.

Several Adventure Activities

There are many activities you can engage in that are adrenaline pumping when you explore Ipoh. You can take a trek to discover the vast cave network. You may also spend the entire day doing white river rafting.

Visit the Kellie’s Castle

Approximately 21 kilometers south of Ipoh, you can find Malaysia’s most mysterious colonial building. It is located in Batu Gajah. The owner of the unfinished structure was William Kellie Smith who made a fortune from rubber. When he suddenly died, the mansion was left in the jungle. When it was revived and made a tourist attraction, there are passageways and rumors of the supernatural that take place as you go deep into its labyrinth.

When you go to Ipoh, you have a wide range of hotels to choose from. The best option for you is one that is close to all the above-mentioned attractions. Make sure that this hotel provides free shuttle service to all such attractions. This can help you save much money. Look for one that is near any public transportation. This will make sure that you easily go to any part of city. Lastly, you may also choose a hotel that can give you a breathtaking view of mountains and hills while you are winding down and sipping coffee by the terrace.