If you are planning to visit Canada for a short time as a tourist, then you need an ETA or Canadian Visa. Visa-exempt foreign nationals require an ETA to transit or fly through Canada. Travellers with Canadian Visa and US citizens don’t require ETA. Canadian citizens cannot apply for an eTA. Also those including dual citizens and permanent residents of Canada cannot apply for eTA. In most of the cases, eTA or a visa is must to visit Canada. This again depends on your situation or your citizenship.

What you need to visit Canada as a tourist?

  • You should have valid document like Passport
  • You should be in Good health
  • You should not have an immigration or criminal related convictions
  • You also need to qualify medical test to visit Canada.
  • You need a letter of invitation from Canada (from someone who lives there)
  • You need a valid entry document eTA or Visa.
  • You need to carry travel documents and identification for yourself and for someone who is travelling with you.
  • You may also carry an invitation document, if you are invited to Canada by someone who is resident of Canada.

The most important document to visit Canada is eTA. It stands for Electronic Travel Authorization.

It is very easy to apply for eTA. You have to apply online to get eTA. Canada eTA application is a very secure and simple process. It hardly takes 15 minutes to apply for eTA and you get confirmation within few minutes. You are suggested to book your airline ticket once you get your ETA Visa for Canada. This eTA is electronically linked with your passport and is invalid once yur passport is expired. If Passport is not expired then eTA is valid for 5 years.

But, if you are a permanent resident of Canada, then you cannot apply for eTA. You are eligible to apply for eTA. As for permanent residents, Government has already issued Permanent Resident Card. If you were out of Canada and now have to return to Canada, you will have to present the Permanent resident card. Therefore, while leaving Canada, you must check expiry date of your Permanent resident card. You must make sure that it remains valid till the time you return to Canada.

Apart from above documents, there few documents which are not considered as valid documents to let you enter Canada. Such documents are as follows:

  • If you have passports, which are issued by Somalia, then you will not be allowed to enter Canada.
  • If your passports are issued by the Czech Republic and are not readable by machine, then also you cannot enter Canada.
  • If you carry temporary passports, which are issued by the Republic of South Africa, you will not be allowed to enter Canada.
  • If you have got provisional passports which are issued by Venezuela, then also you will not be allowed to enter Canada.

With all the useful information above your application for the visa for Canada would surely get easier.


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