If you are traveling to Mexico in your own vehicle, then you must know that having Mexican car insurance is a must. Without that, you may not be able to claim your loss, even if your car had already been insured in some other country like the States or Canada.

Now if your vehicle goes through any collision, or any accident or basically, anything that harms it in one way or the other, then the first thing you should do is call your insurance company. Since you are in Mexico, try the Mexican company’s insurance claim number — the one that you probably filled when you came here. Hopefully, you will have your insurance ID card with you. If not, then remember to keep a picture of it. But really, try and carry the card if you can. After all, how much can a card weigh? To know more about Mexican auto insurance kindly click here.

Now, remember that in Mexico, things are a little different. So if you have someone from your insurance company by your side, at least you will have someone to fight for you and agree that yes, you are not at fault.  Don’t forget this as well that your insurance provider can protect you against the authorities only if they know everything about you. So if there are things that relate to court and that you haven’t told them, then there is a high chance that you can end up in deep trouble.

Now there are a few things to consider before you file for a claim as well. If you had filed for full coverage insurance earlier, then you probably will be helped out a lot in Mexico. This is because your vehicle’s full coverage will be taken into account. But remember, do not apply for this if your vehicle is not in proper condition and you are okay with replacing it. Because really, sometimes, replacing is cheaper than the insurance! (Yeah, believe it or not, but it is true.)

What’s more is that your vehicle, if by any chance struck with collision or stuck in an accident, then it has to be taken to a repair shop. Now based on the kind of damage, you can take it anywhere. It is highly advisable that if you have an insurance plan from Mexico, then you do not tow it back to the States for repair. This is because you have claimed it in Mexico.

Instead, if your provider is from the States, then you might have to pay a little extra and then take it back. The choice is up to you! To avail, more information about Mexican auto insurance kindly click here.